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  1. Has anyone done it yet? I was working on one but it will take some time.
  2. Working on one too, will probably have it up in a day or two. Got a date tonight, so won't get back to it till tomorrow.
  3. Damn....I have this mental pic of what it will look like....can't wait to see the "renderings"
  4. Oh yeah, gonna need a bag for that one. :hail2:
  5. Picture

    You know this site is a pain in the ass. I have a picture of an 05 Eleanor, and instead of letting me post it, some stupid message about having too many pictures. And then when i try to delete some it wont let me. Whats that crap all about. Why do people have to make things so difficult. Is it too much to ask to simply be able to post a picture under a certain size without having restrictions! :notnice:
  6. Here, here! I have the same problem. :shrug:
  7. Could you host it somewhere and post a link?
  8. Go to your User CP
    Scroll down to Attachments near the bottom Left side
    Select it and then select the attachments you would like deleted.

    Once you have deleted a few attachments, you will be allowed to post more.
  9. Tried that, nothing happened

    I went through thr process above, and NOTHING happened. I just crunhed away, redirected me back to the list of attached files, and none of them were deleted at all. (there was some error at the top of the page)

    What can I do!??!?!?! I have an AWESOME PIC of Eleanor to post!
  10. I just posted this thread in the Staff Forum. There are several users having this problem as well. We are working on it.

    I was able to delete all of my attachments last night and it worked fine.

    Try only deleting one or two attachments at a time and see if that works.
  11. I did try the above method of only doing one at a time, and it still didnt work! I know this may be a cheap plug, but i will post the picture on my cardomain site near the top and link it. http://www.cardomain.com/id/arkangelx3
  12. Not bad but something about the rear just doesn't seem right to me.

  13. you have a cool web site
  14. It is crying for a spoiler. That ducktail would look good on it. Also, the wheels seem to be too shiney and the hood should protrude out over the frontend a bit. Eleanor also had scoops over the rear windows. The cawl and side scoops really help its appearance though. The picture is a good start at an '05 Eleanor.
  15. Needs some sort of "flare".....but not of the Ric variety.
  16. Woooooooooooooooo!!
  17. where can i buy Eleanor style rims????
  18. Found this last Feb.

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