Election...Let's See How SN Compares To Nation

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Who Are You Voting For 2008 President?

Poll closed Nov 2, 2008.
  1. Barack Obama / Biden

    23 vote(s)
  2. John McCain / Palin

    42 vote(s)
  3. Other

    7 vote(s)
  1. Over half voted republican, how can you say that? :nono:
  2. That is WHY he said it...:nice:
  3. :flag:
  4. You know I spend a lot of time on a lot of car message boards, and I just can see how Nobama has this major lead they (the media) keep talking about. Every poll Ive been involved in online has McCain leading by double digits. I guess if I take in the fact that some are either not old enough to actually vote, and cars seem to attract a certain type of person (generally speaking of course) I guess its possible. Im a very moderate Republican, and have no problem voting Dem if I see a candidate I can agree with, but this time theres no way a Dem will get my vote. This entire financial mess were in started thanks to Clinton, and his pressuring Fanny/Freddie Mac to back loans to ppl who couldnt afford them. Theyve moved way to far to the left for my taste. I prefer life, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness. Ever notice it says pursuit, and not guarantee of happiness.
  5. Voted! McCain all the way. I know you Obama guys want change. I understand how it is these days. Look very closely into your choice. The guys has a past that stinks of old Chevys. His companions from church to dinner parties are as about as low as society has to offer. McCain and Palin will keep you and I from giving our paychecks to the welfare bums who walk the streets begging for a cheap and easy way out. can you imagine a white house with Farrakahn, Rev Wright, Bill Ayers, Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton knocking on the door. COME ON PEOPLE!! These guys are the biggest racist of all times!
  7. I am a conservative. If Dems were conservative, I would vote for them and vice versa. It is not party related, race, or gender to me. It is about the belief I have that when you should not be punished for success. You should never owe no man nothing due to his inability to have been as lucky as some. When we were in school, how would you feel if the teacher took your A and gave you a C to give all the kids with a F a C also. Obama wants to take all the A kids and make them C's. He wants to re-distribute the wealth (AKA success) and give it to those who fail. Dems are Libs nowadays. Libs want to go GREEN. GREEN MEANS GAS GOES BYE BYE, = YOU WALKING INSTEAD OF DRIVING YOUR MUSTANG!
  8. Let's try to just keep this a "VOTING" forum...at least for now :D

  9. Wednesday morning we can vent or gloat :D
  10. Actually, it wasnt a question of waiting for results to make comments. I have VERY strong political views which I can back up because I read a lot and follow a lot of the campaigns, and have a good bit of political knowledge.

    The main thing was that I didnt want the explicits flying around and causing problems between guys that help each other out on here.

    Since I started the thread, MY rules would be to say what you LIKE about your guy, and NOT to say what you DISLIKE about the other, or argue with someone's likes.

    MY likes with McCain is that he has proven himself as someone who loves his country and has sacrifced, and he has definitely EARNED the right to be our president...for at least one term anyway. :flag:
  11. +1 on that
  12. I didn't get to vote! However I'm not suprized by the results :flag:

    McCain: 42 Obama: 23 (58% to 32%)

    NICE JOB KEEPING IT Toned Down!!

    Obviously if McCain were to pull it out tomorrow, it would not be this far apart. I guess most of the Obama fans are Ricers? :shrug:

    Let's do a poll now for voting on legalizing Gay Marriage or not! :lol:

  14. I'm all for it, shouldn't even be an issue.

    Obama/Biden 08! :nice:
  15. Wow!
    We Finally agree on something!!

    But Then Again, I could be wrong :rlaugh:
  16. Voted,i've got no problems with gay marriage.

    now i'm headed back to bed!
  17. obama here! somebody said that mCcain looks like elmer fudd! lol! basically im really worried about where our military is heading. mcCain has that one down packed. both are great candidates but both have their weaknesses. i bet the other countries are like "its a circus over there" lol. im glad today is the last day.
  18. +2