Election...Let's See How SN Compares To Nation

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Who Are You Voting For 2008 President?

Poll closed Nov 2, 2008.
  1. Barack Obama / Biden

    23 vote(s)
  2. John McCain / Palin

    42 vote(s)
  3. Other

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  1. +3
    voted today as well :flag:

  2. I figured America as a whole wouldn't compare to the Stangnet forums. Electoral vote wise its just a landslide.

    Obama/Biden 08! :nice:
  3. :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:

    I plan to express my 2nd amendment rights tomorrow before Obama tries to take them away. There goes some of my car funds...
  4. Here here!

    I thought Senator McCain gave a fantastic concession speech - by far the best I've ever seen. It says a lot of great things about his character the way he is now calling for everyone to come together after such a long divisive campaign- Once again proving himself a classy and honorable guy, truly an American hero.

    Either way I don't think America could lose in this election, two very capable candidates, I think the most inspirational one won tonight.

    Hooray for America! :flag:
  5. Feel free, though I believe you are worrying needlessly. I have been following this campaign pretty close, and I have never seen or heard anything from the Obama camp that says they will take guns away from Americans. Has Obama said he will? Or was it a rumor?

    I'm not accusing, just asking. We're all Mustang owners here. :flag:
  6. maybe he thought it was implied :rolleyes:
  7. If Im not mistaken, the Inauguration is Jan 20. My Wedding anniversary is Jan 19. 2009 anniversary will be 18 years. My wife and I plan on having a HUGE celebration in honor of our anniversary AND our LAST night of Freedom.

    I have local welfare people down here that dont want to get a job because they are too lazy thinking that ALL their problems will be solved. They get on the local news ans say how they no longer have to "WORRY" about paying their mortgage or filling their gas tank. :lol::rlaugh::lol::rlaugh:
  8. Obama is a huge anti-gunner. For starters he wants too ban all semi-auto weapons. We do pheasant hunts in central south dakota and I can't even guess how many people brought semi-auto shotguns this year. He also wanted to ban handguns, another thing he tried was to allow only one gun purchase per month. And create more restrictions all the way around.
  9. Although he has stated that the constitution is outdated, he can not kill the 2nd amendment, but what he can do is make the cost of ownership so high that it'll be damn near impossible to own/buy one.

    I too have followed this election VERY closely, I've spent more time researching the candidates for this election than any in my life. I think my time here shows that when something interest me I research the hell out of it. I'm short on time right now but here's a quick link to Obama on the 2nd amendment with additional links to back the "facts" that are listed...

    NRA-ILA :: On the Second Amendment, Don?t Believe Obama!

    Maybe its because I live in PA which has me feeling the way I do. This is from a link in the above link:

    Obama did say we cling to our guns and religion here... I guess he is right.
  10. Might take some flak for this, but i'm truly ashamed of my countrymen for who they elected president yesterday. The Presidency of the United States was turned into a popularity contest by the media and celebrities and naive Americans took the bait hook, line, and sinker.
  11. I agree. I must have been at work when they were handing out the koolaid that the rest of America seems to have had a drink of.
  12. While Obama's stance on gun-control is admittedly not ideal (I'm a gun owner with a CC in VA), he is hardly the anti-gun nut some make him out to be (such as the highly partisan NRA). He even said (of the Heller decision), that he believes the 2nd amendment DOES confer and INDIVIDUAL right to bear arms- MUCH better than you'll get from most democrats and any other recent democratic presidential nominee.

    But having said all that, I hardly think that is the most important thing to consider in this election. With our respect throughout the world waning, our gross violations of civil liberties at home, our tumbling economy, the banking crisis, and the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, among many others there are much larger issues that should take precedence in the collective mind of Americans. I think the result of this election bears this out.

    Reasonable people can disagree reasonably about Obama and McCain's policies without marginalizing the political views of the 62.7+ million Americans who voted for Obama yesterday (and in the previous weeks) and our new President Elect. This kind of negativity and fear mongering is a large part of why the Republicans lost this election so handedly. Americans are scared right now- concerned about where this country is headed, and they screamed that yesterday at the polls- they want solutions not anger.

    Relax man, the country is going to be fine, Obama is a Constitutional law professor and has surrounded himself with the best and the brightest this Country has to offer. A lot of people said America was doomed when we elected Clinton the first time, and that turned out just fine. :flag:
  13. We lost this election because leftist media destroyed the presidency of GW Bush, relentlessly tied McCain to those "failed" policies, then force fed the entire thing down our throats alongside dazzling reviews, editorials, and endorsements of Barack Hussein Obama. People were duped, plain and simple. You can put any kind of spin on it you want, you can accuse Republicans of racism or fear mongering or whatever you choose. But at the end of the day we'll be the ones saying "i told you so" when that clown flushes the values and traditions of this country down the toilet.
  14. Yikes...

    Okay, well I guess there isn't much of a point to continuing this discussion, I don't think it leads anywhere productive. :notnice:

    Soooo how bout them 'stangs? I hear they're pretty sweet rides :SNSign:
  15. well put. this thread should be closed before it starts to get dumb and ugly......
  16. I am sick of people blaming Bush for what he has/hasn't done, being a Republican held in check by a Democratic led Legislative branch. Some, not all, of what Obama talks about and wants to do is way too close to Socialism for me. I hope things don't get too ugly...

    On a lighter side, atleast Ralph Nader didn't get in; then we would all be driving 55.
  17. Looks like I'm the wierd one here being a minarchist/libertarian (I really hate how that sounds like a religion). Civil liberties are the number one most important issue with me and both candidates didn't give me a very fuzzy feeling that my civil liberties will be protected.

  18. i dont mean to argue, but i just wanted clarification on this statement. Are you saying that anyone who goes to war, is a prisoner of war, and comes back to talk about it is "earning" the right to be president of the United States? I guess the last step that excludes millions of Vets is being a senator/political figure after serving?

    I dont think anyone can knock McCain for his efforts and actions put forth during his war times(he is a hero in that sense), but i dont view that as being a significant step towards the white house.

    Honestly, everyone can tear down both McCain and Obama all day long. All the attacks in the world couldnt stop what was going to happen. They tried to tear him down throughout the whole campaign...and he still won. The Dem's coulda put up Barney against McCain and they still would have won. Its funny to hear people excuse Bush and blame Clinton. You mean to tell me this was the best Bush could do in 8 years with what Clinton left? Give me a break. I've heard so much negative crap about Obama it makes me sick. He picked freakin Sarah Palin as a running mate for crying out loud. The race, in my opinion, would have been MUCH tighter if he had a decent VP running mate. Regardless of the media, Obama's crew ran a much better campaign than McCains....IMHO.

    Regardless, Obama won. Fair and square. STFU with your ****in, whining, and early doubts and support your damn country, your president, and move forward with the best attitude possible. In 4 years we'll see how things turn out, then talk your **** if you want to. But will things be worse than they are now? Eh, i doubt it! And with that said at this point none of you can say **** about Obama.
  19. For those who may feel like their vote doesn't matter, check this out:

    In my house district (VA-5) with 100% reporting:
    Perriello - 157,456 - 50.0049%
    Goode - 157,425 - 49.9951%

    That is a difference of 31 votes. Out of 314,881.

    That is 0.0098% of the vote.

    That is less than one one-hundredth of one percent of the vote. Grab a pizza, take one percent of it, cut that slice into ten pieces and keep one of them, then cut THAT into ten pieces and throw nine out- what's left is slightly more than 0.0098% of the pizza.

    :eek::jaw::eek: VOTE!
  20. Not quite THAT extreme. He has been a public servant for over 30 years. Naturally, you need the political qualifications.

    MY point is that since with at the associations that have come up linked to Obama, NOBODY but himself knows his patriotism and love for the country.

    Since McCain did what he did, STAYING in prison because their Naval "creed" was "first captured first released" and he wasnt first captured, that shows his dedication. He did not come back and slam our country as many Vietnam vets did. He came back and served. To me that shows, drive, dedication and love for our country :flag:

    I would NOT have done that. How many of US would have? That's what I mean when I say he "EARNED" it.