Electric Fan 90 5.0

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  1. Anybody know a good wire to run an electric fan on?
  2. It should be wired through a relay. The size of the wire depends on the amp draw from the fan. We can help if you post up a little more info on the setup you have.

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  3. Well it has a solid fan it right now so ill run a new wire for it. I don't want it to run on a switch I just want it on all the time when the engine is.

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  4. If you need any more information about it just ask.
  5. Actually, it's easier if you just post the info and what aspects you would like help with.

    I'm having a hard time understanding what you're trying to say, but as 84T said, run a relay and proper circuit protection (for all legs of the related circuits).
  6. Ok the fan draws 5.5 amps on 12 v. I want it to turn on when I start the car and shut off when the car shuts off. I don't want a switch and I was wondering what a good wire would be good to run on. It's a 90 mustang gt with a solid fan at the moment.
  7. what kind of E fan are we talking about. You want to run at least 10 gauge wire and on the power wire at least a 30-40 amp fuse. Again, tell us the setup and we can provide you with more specific information.
  8. Honestly, a Variable Speed Fan Controller would be your best choice. If you havent already I would also do a 3G Alternator Conversion.
  9. Ok where would I get these at
  10. Did they tell you that this will replace the OEM fan?

    If you're only running one fan, you might want a fan with greater capacity. The one you linked-to is listed as flowing under 1K CFM.
  11. They said this one is better than stock

  12. Excuse me while I stop laughing.

    I wouldn't put much faith in that fan cooling the car well...especially one that only draws 5A. Really look into an OEM Ford fan swap with a 75A relay and proper wiring methods. Will probably be cheaper than that fan as well.
  13. Yeahhhhh. That fan isn't going to cool anything. 5 amp?! I used a 16" Be-Cool and while it does keep the car cool, EVERYTHING is new. I'm using a Derale adjustable switch to trigger a relay (I know the derale has a relay built in, but using it to trigger a relay so that I can use a larger relay in the future if I need. In addition, it is a ground switching type controller, and I had the fan wired for positive switching).
  14. My .02.. I've run many different E fans over the years and the two best are both Factory Ford- Taurus and MKVII fans. Both cheap at the JY for $30 or so. Both pull in the neighborhood of 3000cfm and if you need another one, they are readily available. Best way to hook them up is with a variable speed controller like the FAL 33054 ( which I have used on many) or the DCC unit. You can also use the relay and switches from certain Volvo's which are another popular option.
  15. I wasn't asking for opinions on the fan I was just asking how to hook it up.
  16. Good luck keeping your car cool with that fan. I suggest you Google CFM ratings of the stock clutch fan and this one before you go any further.

    Fan Specifications:

    • CFM: 954.1
    • Fan Diameter: 328mm
    • Fan RPM: 2200
    • Number of Blades : 10
    • Current: ~5.5A
    • Voltage: 12V
    If you want to continue, go to any parts store and buy a Hayden controller, a 30 amp inline fuse, and a toggle switch.
  17. Ok thanks
  18. With either fan, you want to use a relay setup properly sized for the fan's startup amperage. A 5A fan could potentially draw 15-20A for a few seconds on startup.

    for a 5A fan, a standard 30A automotive relay at autozone will work fine. You would run a 10g wire from the POS terminal of the starter solenoid to the relay and then to the fan. Then ground the fan with another 10G wire. The relay's activation coil is low volatage, so only 18g wire is needed. Tap into the red wire on the coolant sensor in the front driver's corner of the engine bay. All 5.0 Mustangs will have this sensor wire even if they don't have the sensor. This wire has power when the car is in the ACC or ON position. Tap into the red wire and run to the relay. Now either ground the activation coil of the relay to the chassis...or run the wire to the cabin and install a switch inline and then ground it. Your call.

    I;d install a maxi-fuse inline as a standard fuse will blow too quickly. That's why you don't tap into the car's wiring for power and use a relay. For a 5A draw you'd prob want a 10A or 15A maxi-fuse.

    That's a basic fan wiring system. If you want to get more complicated and have more control, there are other options.