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  1. My cooling system can't keep up with south Texas heat, I need to find an electric fan to replace the mechanical fan on the motor. I'm looking for recommendations for electric fans, what is a good fan to use? I'm open to all suggestions for electric fans such as taking a fan off of a different vehicle and using it on my '67 mustang 289. I have a 20" wide aluminum radiator with 1" tubes and everything is fine as long as I'm moving, but once I stop (especially when I have the A/c on) the temp gauge starts going up.

    I've been to a few car shows in my area looking for ideas but I figured I would ask the forum for some feedback. I want to do this right the first time, I don't want to have cooling problems ever again after getting an electric fan.

    Thanks, Ranger
  2. Well, before you add a complex electric fan system to your car, what fan do you have? I'm running a stock 7-blade thermal clutch fan in my 66, which was adequate for a 289HP engine with AC in south Florida summers. A clutch fan and shroud could be installed in under an hour with no wiring or water sensors needed.
  3. As of right now I have a 6 blade fan with a fan shroud, no fan clutch. I'm tired of trying different ways to solve the problem with a mechanical fan, nothing works. I would rather get rid of the mechanical fan completely and just run an electric fan.
  4. Get a Spal or Derale with the highest CFM.Stayy away from Zirgo, they are overated.
  5. Bump for the Derale
  6. a fan clutch will not help.if its not cooling now, thats not going to change with a clutch.
  7. i agree with that - a clutch fan will slip at certain temps, a solid turning fan turns all the time .i have always ran a 6 blade stainless flex fan and never had heating issues ,and it gets above the 100's here.
  8. If your core is at least 20" wide you could fit a Taurus fan. Undoubtedly the best fan for the money.It is a little power hungry, so will probably need a better alternator. It draws about 46 amps at start up and right under 30A continuous.

    Have you measured the water temp to see if the guage is reading right? I fought for YEARS my car running hot.Bought everything from a Brassworks water pump to Be Cool radiator($$$$). After year of chasing my tail, i found out my Autometer mechanical guage was reading 20* higher.I now have a Taurus Fan, 27" wide Summit aluminum radiator and Meziere 55 gpm electric water pump. My car will run all day 172-180* might hit 185 in HEAVY traffic.
  9. Thanks for the information guys. My core is exactly 20" wide so I'm thinking that I'm going to get a Taurus fan. As of right now I have a stock 65 amp alternator, once I get the fan installed I'll see if I need to upgrade or not. I'm guessing that I will but I'm not going to upgrade if I don't have to.
  10. Taurus is a good way, doubt that 65 amp alternator is going to like it though. Derale is another great fan like mentioned.
  11. On my 66 I replaced the stock fan setup with an expensive $300 fan made for our cars. After the install I had power issues, so I upgraded my alternator to 100 amps and still had power issues. Those fans just draw so much power. I also would notice that on the highway my temperature would slowly rise on hot days. 180, 185, 190, 195,.....215.... Once I got off the highway it would go back down.

    So after all that I went to a clutch fan, a 4 inch shroud, with my stock radiator and my Mustang has never been happier. :)