Electric lock and window problems


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Aug 24, 2004
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Yeah, a couple of little problems with both installs.

The Electric life window kits are installed and with the Hotronic switches work, however, it looks like I will have to make some adjustments to the window in order to seal correctly against the weatherstripping. A small gap had appeared at the corner in the rear and once fully lowered the trim sits just above the door edge. I'm pretty sure it went lower before I swapped in the new parts. I guess the slight changes are due to the difference in size of the mounting hardware. The original bolts were 5/16 the new hardware is metric and slightly smaller, added up over all the bolts it could change the position enough to cause the problem.

Has anybody see this before and how did you correct it?

I also had a fuse blow when I rolled down one of the windows, it popped after the window reached the bottom of its travel. I may have held the switch in the down position after the window stopped and I guess this could have caused the fure to pop. Maybe using an auto resetting circuit breaker for the windows might be a good thing to do.

The locks also work, well almost, I installed this kit http://www.electric-life.com/productdetails.asp?cid=869&rp=&yp=159.445 and if I close and latch the doors the remote will not lock the doors. If I press the unlock button they will lock, now with the doors locked if I press the unlock button I find the doors unlock for a second or so then relock. I've tried a few times adjusting the actuator rods per instructions without change.

Has anybody who has done this install been down this road and offer any tips?
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Mar 17, 2002
Northern VA
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It's just an adjustment problem. I had the same problem with mine. The throw on the actuators is greater the the lock mechanism allows. If they are not adjusted just right they will throw past the locking point and be forced to retract.

I got really frustrated trying to get them set, but finally got them just right. Once I got them set, I really tightened down on the adjustment settings. One thing that made it easier was to just work one side at a time. Disconnect the wiring to one side and work on the other. Get it set just right, then disconnect it and set the other side. I remember it being a real PITA, but they have worked fine since then.

BTW here is link to an installation method that I followed, it may be helpful - http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=464237

Also, here is a link on wiring them for the remote - http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=482938