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  1. Whats up guys, was wondering if anyone has had any experience with aftermarket radiators? I have a mishimoto radiator and for some reason the auto shop put the relay for it on the actual radiator. Is this how this is supposed to be? The relay has been working on and off. I took it off one day and it had melted plastic around the actual plugs. My car got a little hot that day as well as the second fan or both would not come on! Any insight would be great thank you.
  2. It is most likely the thermostat and not the relay.

    sounds like the thermostat failed.
  3. Thermostat is new. reason why im asking is I know its the relay because it comes on for 10 secs when you turn car on. didnt come on this morning. I have a toggle switch to turn other fan on wouldnt come on. My questions is the should the relay be on the radiator since the radiator gets hot????
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  4. When I changed the radiator fan on my brothers honda civic I was confused why the fan was not turning on but after like 10 minutes when the car is revved at like 3500 rpm it would kick on
  5. Are you saying you have an aftermarket electric fan on the Mishimoto radiator? A lot of those aftermarket fans have a thermostatic activated relay that sits on the radiator to determine temperature.

  6. It was an oem fan
  7. Can you post a pic? That would be helpful to try and diagnose the problem.
  8. The oem fan is mechanical.

  9. I'm so lost right now :shrug:
  10. i like cheese. my grandnother has an electric radiator in the family room.

  11. Bare with me here before you repeat what was in in your first post....

    The item that you're referring to that is attached to the radiator is "likely" a thermal switch and NOT a relay.

    I think what you are describing are burnt connectors where the wires plug into this thermal switch.

    If that is the case, it's because whoever did the wiring for your electric fan, did it incorrectly. There is likely no relay in the entire system. Instead, they wired the fan to operate directly off of the thermal switch. This is causing this small switch to try and carry the load (30+ amps in some cases) for the fan.

    You need a NEW thermal switch and you need to also purchase a 40+ amp relay.

    The thermal switch will activate the relay and the relay will activate and carry current to the fan.

    The alternative is to find and purchase a full blown, thermal controller like the one from DCC: http://www.dccontrol.com/constant_temperature_controllers.htm