Electronic Carburator ("efi") - Anyone Tried This

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  1. I saw an MSD ad for something that looks like a electronically controlled carburator.


    Anyone tried this???

    It COSTs a great deal. Q: Is it Worth it?
  2. I put an Edelbrock version of that on my Step Father's Jeep CJ. That one was self-learning. Pretty nice unit. No more cold bloodedness. I can't speak to whether or not it improved fuel economy because nobody was keeping track. The motor acted a whole bunch better though.

    For him, it was definitely worth it. The Jeep is used primarily to bee-bop around their ranch and when necessary, take them to town when the roads were so bad that their cars could not make it. This injection system eliminated the guesswork as to whether the thing would start up or not. It just starts and runs. All they snow everyone got over this last winter proved the worth in that scenario.
  3. I have Professional Products Powerjection 3 unit. Its not a bad unit, but their customer service is the absolute worst and they do not support their product. Their forum is moderated by users, not employees. My ecu went out a while back so it no longer "self tunes" and now im in the process of changing over to a Holley Terminator computer to use with the throttle body. Now the guy makes the same unit for FAST but it looks more updated.