Elibach 'Pro Kit' Spring drop

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  1. I brought the Elibach pro kit a few months ago. i was reading more about the drop i can get.It stated that the springs would give me a drop around 1" - 1.5" .I have a 2000 V6 , Im looking to get only 1" drop cause i live in NYC and the roads here are bad.im open to any ideas you may have that will help.Thanks.:SNSign:
  2. sorry i cant help with your question but i wanted to know what happened and what size wheels you have!? because i am looking to do the same. but wanna make sure the 17 or 18 inch wheels i want arent going to cause problems. thanks!
  3. It's a 1.5" drop on both front and back. Yes, it's lower than it ever was.... first, avoid potholes as much as possible. 2nd, get the Eibach Pro-Damper set which are the struts and shocks. They work with their pro kit springs and make a huge difference. I was surprised by the ride difference with those. It's not soft, but hitting a crack wont be like a small speed bump. It's not a perfect ride.. you lower it, there will be consequences. But ride quality is the price you pay for the performance and handling gains. There's not really much else I can tell you. If you are afraid of scraping something on the ground for it being so low.. don't worry too much. It's not THAT bad.

    Justin, You should have no problem with 18 inch rims. Those wheel wells are much deeper than the 79-93 Mustangs and can fit much larger a tire/rim. I would first lower it, see how it fits with the wheels you have on then go from there. Check out all the others rides on here. Lots of lowered stangs with rims. BTW, how wide of a tire are you planning on going?
  4. i have been looking at american muscle and i think i am gonna get the 03 cobra wheels, they only come in 17's so i am fine with that, i was gonna go with the 9 inch wide , but i also think the 10.5 inches would look good on the rear tires( AM sayss the 10.5 only fit rear wheels) so i was thinking about 9's in the front and 10.5 in the rear...
  5. You should be fine. I was concerned at 1st when I fitted mine but its not too bad at all. I do scrape every now and again but its only because my driveway sucks and only happens when other people in car.

    You will love the way it handles, I know I do. However I wont be hitting 140mph again anytime soon, that rear end can get a little choppy on the back roads.

    No more 4x4 mustang once there fitted and I sit on the stock 17's.
  6. haha i just got my registration today so i havent had the chance to get it to 140. one thing that bugs is there is only 1 key and no keyless entry. Does Ford intall keyless entry to a 99 ? does anyone know?
  7. Is there any way to drop my mustang down 1.5 inches and not have the ride quality be any harsher? What's the best shocks and struts for a lowering kit that keep the ride smooth over bumps? doesn't matter how expensive...