Emergency! Sos! Life Or Death!

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  1. have you jacked up car and tried to turn the drivers side wheel that felt like it was binding?....if its from the front only a couple things it can be....should be easy fix?....if its not your brakes maybe wheel bearing ready to fall by the popping breaking sound you mentioned....
  2. I think I found skywalker's ride


    Just ribbin ya kiddo... Seriously, don't drive that car until you get it fixed. I'd hate to read about you in the news. Lug nuts are cheap, sway bar bushings are cheap. Jack up the car, take the wheels off, take some pictures and post them here. Plenty of us old geezers can help.
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  3. I don't even know where to start...
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  4. Join the "Where's the exit to this place club"...:rolleyes:
  5. Well i looked at my wheel today. I have stock pony rims no cover. I noticed that the cap in the center of the rim was loose. All others were tight. Btw my jack stopped working so im gonna borrow one. This week is rent is due and the budget is tight. This is my daily driver and i have no choice but to drive it. :(
  7. Skywalker, the cap doesn't hold the wheel on. It's a dust cover for the wheel bearing. I guess that is next week's class in mechanic school?

    Where's the pics we asked you to post?

    You're still driving that thing with 3 loose lugnuts on all 4 wheels and a defective front sway bar. Serious.:nono:
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  8. A loose center cap may rattle a bit but surely wont cause any of the issues you've descrived
  9. I HAVE A JOB! and i know i just thought maby something inside broke and oopped it off??? Idk like i said im a noob. A week in car school doesnt magically give you the wrench of god
  10. And its 3 lugs on 2 im grannying the car now
  11. Skywalker, that is a classic. Thanks for the chuckle.
  12. Grannying to get to the speed limit is still driving at the speed limit which is too fast for missing lugnuts, broken swaybars, and phucked up brakes
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  13. if ur doing the jy run get a jack.... you have to give pics so everyone can see
  14. Better yet, post your address, go to Taco Bell and get about a dozen or so 12 packs of Doritos Locos Tacos, hit up the beverage store for a few 1/2 barrels and them we'll think about stopping by for a visit to watch you fix this thing.

    IF you ask politely, we might even show you a thing or two
  15. Please send pics of this heap your driving
  16. Ok what parts should i take pics of?
  17. Hey respect please thats my baby
  18. If he wasn't such a disrespectful young pup, I'd help Skywalker out, seeing as he's local. Not to inclinded to go out of my way for some newb that refers to me as an SOB. Una mejor que la proxima vez antes de decir algo malo de alguien en espanol si iban a la universidad. Just sayin'

    Anyone have a few spare nuts they can send him.
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  19. Well hes smart enough to determine your ARE a SOB
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  20. Here Ya go!!!
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