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  1. Ok so i was driving to work today. I didnt even get to the corner when i realized that today its undrivable. I called in carsick and now i have all weekend. I was driving when all of a sudden i realize the car was drunk... ok so i looked at the wheel the center cap was loose again .. and the grease was hot. To compare i also took off the center cap off the good wheel and it was tight af and the grease was cool. More importantly i noticed that the bad wheel was NOT STRAIGHT i could tell by looking at the center bore and spindle and the lug threads.
  2. Pics please
  3. pull that wheel, unhook caliper,

    center nut - pull out the cotter pin remove nut and pull the hub. clean everything and post pics.... need to determine wear

    how are your tie rod ends, are the ball joints tight? try and move wit ha pry bar.. dont mess up the rubber housing..
  4. skywalker, did you not see my post asking about the camber. How did you adjust the preload on the wheel bearings- for the third time.
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  5. Mike i didnt knowingly adjust anything. Idk what your talking about. First i need a jack. I have a truck jack but its too tall
  6. Lower caliper bolt loose 2014-04-25_08-41-20_345.jpg
  7. Bolt now after i tried to tighten it fml
  8. when you did the brakes and resintalled the rotor, after you reinstall the inner and outer wheel bearings and put the washer and castle nut on. before you install the cotter pin, you needed to adjust the preload on the wheel bearings. If they are too tight you will burn them out- too loose and the rotor will wobble and the bearings will get torn up. You need a torque wrench- if memory serves me right you torque them to 15 then back off and then to 5- but do not quote me on that. Do some homework and look it up.

    Loose caliper mounting bolts? Who worked on this car. a chimp?

    Go back over eveything you did. Get a manual- go on the net. lool up the torque specs for every bolt- buy, beg, borrow a torque wrench and tighten every damn nut down to spec- including the lug nuts.

    You say you want to turn wrenches for a living- start acting like one and not some nutswinger.

    Edit: just saw that caliper bolt- you snapped it off- the other half is in the spindle now.
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  9. Yea it broke. But the other wheel seems fine guess i got lucky there? I just used simple tools
  10. you need some grease on those caliper pins/bolts at the non threaded areas to prevent the caliper from binding

  11. that bolt must be crossed threaded in there,now you probably have to drill and tap it?....never mind the original problems....good your trying to do the work yourself but buy a manual and read it carefully before you do anything else to your car!
  12. My finger hurts now from liking way to many of these comments and love the sky walker reference mike are you obiwan? @mikestang63
  13. Far from hit...lol He just reminds me of that character. 99% arrogance and 1% knowledge. At least he's starting to listen. That car is outright unsafe to drive and now he snapped off a caliper bolt in the spindle- time to get the easy out and pray he doesn't screw up the threads on the spindle. Judging by his mad skills so far, I'm not too optimistic.
  14. Meh, just put a nut on the other end
  15. Meh I remember when I was like him oh wait my mother raised me right ... Never mind continue
  16. That's what she said

  17. Where do i get a replacement bolt?
  18. Oh oh oh OReilleys, Napa or your salvage yard when you get the other little things, the right size drill bit (I would use a left hand twist one, but standard rotation is OK in this case) and the easy out.
  19. Any place that carries Bendix should have it or be able to get it. Nothing else you need is particularly uncommon.