Emergency! Sos! Life Or Death!

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  1. Man oh man I need an update.
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  2. im waiting patiently also...
  3. How long does shipping from Duluth Trading take? We told him to "get a pair".
  4. :pop:
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  5. Daily driving a foxbody is not for people without:
    mechanical skills
    a garage or safe place to wrench
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  6. Having just overhauled mine to the point that I can reliably drive it again. I have to say that from a $$$ standpoint, unless you go overboard our fubar the job they don't cost more than any other car to keep on the road. Just my .02 here, but is the people with a craftsman tool kit and bad advice on the interwebz that keep these cars in the :poo: pile category. I used to fall into that category but havelearned over the years that a factory shop manual is worth its weight in gold, not beef jerky, fruit roll up, bed bugs, syzuryp, or whatever else the kids are into these days. Follow it and all the tq values listed in it.
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  7. The kids are on Burt's bees Chapstick on their eyelids near me
  8. Lol. I just heard about that this morning.
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  9. Like I said earlier, the scariest part of this whole story is young Skywalker is enrollled in mechanic school. Imagine that nutswinger working at some Jiffy Lube some day, an not tightening up the lug nuts on some old lady's Buick. That kid has no clue wtf he's doing.
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  10. 3 lug nuts on all wheels,held on by a few threads is what was worrying?....never mind the rest....really want to know how he made out....?
  11. Where are you young padawan?
  12. Almost midnight on the east coast on sunday night and NO update :shrug: wonder if he found a jack???
  13. Funny, I actually thought about sending him a floor jack. Then I realized it would cost more in shipping than it would to go buy one at Walmart
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  14. We all had to start out somewhere....cut him some slack
  15. whatchtalkinbout willis, I was gonna cut him a jack
  16. someone has jokes today... lmfao
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  17. i wont share my jack n coke though
  18. Not even with this bloke?
  19. Well, you may be in the circle, albeit a small circle
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  20. I'd rather have a Doritos loco taco