Exhaust Emissions And O2 Sensor Eliminators

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by adam jones, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. currently none of my O2 sensors are connected..im pretty sure. i know the rear one are just zip tied up (previous owner chopped up the exhaust). i have to pass emissions to register my mustang..if i get a pair of the just the rear O2 sensors and buy some eliminators to trick the ecm will that turn off my MIL light? i plan on redoing exhaust from mid pipe back with off road stuff..should i get the pre cat sensors hooked up too or do they even matter? basically from manifold im thinking mid-pipe pre cat senors hooked up, post cat sensors with eliminators tied up out of the way and exhaust run to back, with mufflers of course. i guess my question is do you think this will work and i will pass emissions..they just plug up an obd2 to check codes
  2. Depends on where you are. Some may do a visual check and others will just plug it in the car to verify everything is good (no codes for inefficient converters).

    If your front o2's weren't hooked up your car would run like crap. Get underneath the car and see what is going on. Then post some pictures and we can instruct you exactly what you need.
  3. really depends on who checks your car if the do a visual inspection...my solution to that was to just get a couple heat shrouds from some cats and tack them up there so it looked like i had them..if they do check its just quickly with a mirror..i checked and my two front sensors are hooked up just not the rear..and only codes im trowing have to do with not having my cats
  4. Don't waist money on the o2 eliminators. Go to Oreillys and get a set of Spark Plug Non-Foulers. Part number 42009 in the Help! section. Screw one into the o2bung and then screw the o2 sensor into the non fouler. You only have to do this to the rear o2 sensors. What this does is pull the sensor away from the exhast gas a little and tricks the sensor into thinking that everything is good. I installed these on my Magnaflow off road x-pipe and haven't had a check engine light come on. I think I paid $7 for the package of two!!
  5. ill look into that..i plan on redoing the whole exhaust.. so i dont want to spend alot on the stuff that doesnt matter..thanks
  6. Well, you can make your own MIL eliminators, just do a search at google or here. They can get rid of the codes if assembled correctly, and they only cost about $15 to make 2.
  7. if i get an off road x pipe does it come with the places to put the pre cat O2 sensors in
  8. You guys don't have to strap your car to a "dyno" and have your emissions measured?
  9. no they just check to see if you have cats and then plug into your obd2 to check your codes..but they can tell if you just went in there and cleared them