Emissions, emissions, emissions... (Pertains to "Not Ready" Emissions Results)

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  1. I'm looking for emissions advice. (2002 3.8l V6 Mustang, STOCK)

    I was pulling a P1151 AND P1152 so I replaced the O2 sensor accordingly and this fixed the problem I'm assuming since I'm not pulling these codes after driving 150 miles.

    The day I replaced the O2 sensor I drove about 55 miles thinking I'd be good to pass emissions if I drove 50 miles with no code. I received "Not Ready" status from the emissions place (which I was afraid of) since I had cleared the codes after replacing the sensor.
    The next day I drove it up to 115 miles so I had driven the car 115 miles since I cleared the codes with my OBD. Went to emissions thinking there was no possible way that I didn't complete the drive cycle.
    Turns out I received "Not Ready" again and thought to myself: "Okay, I'll just go back tomorrow after I've driven it 150 miles and there's no chance I will get a "not ready" status."
    Went back the next day, and got an "Excessive Unreadiness" result.
    This was because I had already gone in twice and recieved a "Not Ready" status and my vehicle was set as an excessively unready vehicle after two attempts recieving not ready. (I didn't know thats how it worked.)

    After that, they tell me I need to bring it into a shop and have them run an OBD test and then have the mechanic call the ADEQ (Arizona Department of Enviornmental Quality) with the "Readiness Monitor Status" in order to clear my vehicle for another emissions test.


    Since I have my own $200 OBD2 tester, am I able to call them myself with my cars status?
    If so, what exactly is "Readiness Monitor Status"? And where do I go from here?

    Any help appreciated.
  2. What model code reader?

    Technically with a higher end reader, you should have been able to check monitor readiness yourself.

    There is no set mileage after resetting the light to when the car is ready to be tested. There are various monitors that need to reset based on various driving conditions. If you create the conditions it's possible to reset the monitors within a single 10 minute drive.

    Scroll through your testers menu and see if it has the following test options.

    Pending codes: this is where a trouble code first shows up. Usually it stays here until the fault lasts a certain length of time to become a real code and flash the CEL.

    State OBD check: a lot of scanners have this test. You would use it before going in for the test. It shows the MIL status (on or off) and the status of the readiness monitors (pass, n/a ir incomplete). Those are the monitors you need to all be pass before you can go in fit testing. Incomplete monitors would give you a fail

    There should also be a menu for "readiness monitors". This is just a display for the above mentioned monitors that live updates. If you display this screen you can drive around and watch the monitors switch from "incomplete" to "ready".

    I know that doesn't help your situation, but hopefully it helps you understand your scanner a bit better. Perhaps you can wait until the monitors are ready and then go to a different station?

    From my experience, when there is an issue with o2 sensors, those monitors take a long time to reset. When they don't, you get a code again.

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