Emissions Testing Engine Swap

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Should I swap the 351 into the 1998 Mustang?

  1. Yes it can be made to pass emissions

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  2. No get a 1994 / 1995 Mustang

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  1. I was going to swap a 351 from a old project into a 1998 3.8 Mustang. Just realized the state I am moving to has emissions testing. Is there a way to pass? The 1999 Ford Explorer had odb2 and a 5.0 but not sure if the Mustang firing order will work with that computer. Should I just start looking for a 1994 / 1995 Mustang. Cars older than 1995 are exempt in that state.
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  2. What state are you moving to
  3. If it's Cali then hell no it won't pass :p. it'll be way cheaper and a lot easier to get a 94-95 5.0. You'll need an ecu, wiring harness, sub frame and figure out the fuel lines. I think the fuel system is not the same. And then keep it registered out of state of find some one to smog it for you under the table. Or just get a 94 and F smog laws.
  4. North Carolina

    I am going to ask the 4.6 guys what is involved in a DHOC 4.6 swap and how costly would a be.
  5. I live in nc. What county? Not all counties have emissions. There's a few left that still only have safety. I own a house in a county that has safety only so I refister my vehicles in that county to avoid obd2.

    For the sake of aggravation, buy a pre 96 car.
  6. Hoke County will be driving to Raleigh for work. I may keep this car as is and make it a DD.