Emissions trouble for modded Foxbody

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  1. Bought a Modded Foxbody (88 HB LX 5.0L HO 5 spd) knowing it has AC/Air pump deleted. Fortunately the guy who sold me the car gave me the Air pump. I live in Phoenix, AZ. Smog is required and testing on older vehicles like mine require the dyno test and sniffer.
    So I go in and get it tested at a nearby emissions place after driving it around for about 30 minutes, failed running on premium gas 1/4 tank.
    Few days later I change the spark plugs to the E3 spark plugs, get an oil change to synthetic, and have them clean my injectors, fill up on regular gas (I hear it burns leaner). So I drive around for about an hour getting it nice and hot, go into get retested. FAILED worse than my previous visit. Guy didn't know how to drive manual whatsoever. After giving up after the 3rd fail, someone else had to test it. Was a bad day for everyone.
    I go over to a nearby repair shop, show them my numbers, they say; Catalytic converters, $300. I left (knowing I have 2 Cat's on my X-pipe and Cat's will be the last thing I replace)
    I understand removing the smog stuff does not help in any way. I refuse to go Carb. EFI is persoanlly better I believe.
    So I bought a few of the emissions equipment and here's what I have;

    - EGR is installed.
    - Tube connecting to the back of the headers is also installed and the hole is plugged
    - AIR pump. (not installed)
    - Air pump check valve (not installed)
    - Air manifold tube (also not installed)

    Figured that was all I need, clearly not..
    I have BBK shorty equal legth headers and a Basini X-pipe. So it is not a stock set-up.

    I was thinking about buying the necessary parts (if there are any that fit my exhaust set-up) and getting a shop to install it.

    My problem is not knowing if my set-up is if at all possible to get the pump set up correctly and what specific parts I need to get the smog stuff back on.

    So any ideas on what to do? Cost is a little bit of an issue due to a low-paying job. Luckily it's only a mile away and I can ride my bike, for the time being. Got a few hundred bucks saved and tax return is coming.

    Any help is appreciated. And I will be glad to answer questions to the best of my knowledge. Thanks in advance.

    1st inspection:
    (Applicable Standard/My Result)
    1.60/1.75 HC
    15.00/17.79 CO
    2.50/3.89 NOX

    2nd inspection:
    1.60/2.11 HC
    15.00/21.90 CO
    2.50/3.06 NOX
  2. you might need to post up the test results
  3. so youve got a catted x pipe but no air pump. Does your x pipe have prvisions for the air tube?