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  1. dumb question here......

    where do i pick up the emoticon avatars on this site from?
  2. What do you mean?
  3. where are the avatars? you know, the smiles and little dudes.
  4. Avatars and smileys are two separate things. If you click the button Post Reply then you will find the smileys. To edit your avatar go into the User CP
  5. i just clicked the "reply" and no smileys.
  6. Quick reply does not bring them up. "Go Advanced" will. Also, some browsers open the icon page up in a new window, that will possibly be hidden by your current browser window.

    And if you don't have them memorized by now, you must read the entire derailers thread from the first post. :p
  7. When you hit the "post reply" (not "quick reply") button the smileys should appear next to the text box. :scratch:
  8. no smileys for me. just an empty box for text. no separate window either.

    not sure what i'm doing wrong here.
  9. not on my screen. i'm using google chrome.

    not quite sure why they are not showing but i assure you they are not present.