SN95 Encountered Complication When Installing Blinkers

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  1. This problem is for a 1995 Mustang. I just bought this car and the all of the blinker housings and assemblies on both sides were gone and I've bought the new blinker housings, bulbs, and pigtail connectors. I can't find what part of the wiring harness the pigtails connect into. I can't find anywhere for these 3 wires to go.

    The other possibility is that these pigtails I have are the wrong ones for a SN95. Just in case I got my nomenclature wrong, what I mean when I say "pigtail connectors" is the plastic housing that the bulb plugs into on the front side and screws into the glass blinker housing from the back. This housing has 3 wires hanging out of the back of it, and all I can find on the wiring harness are plugs.
  2. Are you referring to the turn signal/parking light housing next to the headlights? The three wires are for the running light, turn signal and ground. The wires were probably just cut off so they should be fairly close to the housing.
  3. The pigtails don't plug into the same wiring harness as the headlights?
  4. I think we need to see a picture of what you are calling the "blinker housing and assembly" to ensure we are on the same page.
  5. Pictures!


    Where do I plug these in



    Taking pictures of that thing is hard, but do they do into that somehow?
  6. Those are the corner light housings. That appears to be the picture of the connector. Colors are correct. Click here for the wiring diagram. You will need the other half of the connector to plug your pigtail into or you can buy a three wire connector and wire it in.
  7. What does the other half of the connector look like?
  8. oh wait, do you mean the connector for the corner light housing on the other side, I found that.
  9. ok, I fixed it! Thanks for the help and the wiring diagram