Engine bay question,, satin or gloss?

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  1. My car is black, I'm going to repaint the engine bay, just did the underbody and suspension in chasis satin black yesterday, should I do the engine bay in the same color or go with gloss black, from best i can tell the engine bays were a dull black from the factory. I never have any intentions of chroming or polishing out the engine, just shooting for a clean smooth look under the hood. Was kinda leary if I did the engine bay in chasis black it may turn out looking like crap against a fresh paint job on the rest of the car. If anyone has any pics of engine bays on black cars please post em up
  2. Just my opinion but flat/satin look is always less impressive vs. a cleared job. It doesn't have to be completely flashy like with a blinged out engine, but just being a nice, complete paint job makes a huge difference with whatever the motor is going to look like.
  3. the more I think about it, I think we'll end up spraying it with base/clear, the chasis paint doesnt have any UV protection, I think it will all hold up better and look better in the long run with a base/clear.
  4. Does this mean you don't like my engine bay?:(
  5. Yours isn't a flat color like I was thinking about, like a specifically non-glossed color. Even if you don't do a 2-stage w/clear or a single stage w/integrated clear, you can get a glossy finish by using such paint. I was thinking he was talking about a duller, 'dry'-looking paint like satin black. Picture that on a black car that's got a clear job on it, and it'd just clash. Same would go for any color. :shrug: