1. well gettin ready to put the engine in my friends car....finally got the engine bay painted...cant wait to see this thing done, so i can get to my 5 lug project on my car.....[​IMG][/IMG][​IMG][/IMG][​IMG][/IMG][​IMG][/IMG][​IMG][/IMG][​IMG][/IMG]
  2. Wow...that is beautiful. :nice:

    Possibly one of the nicest foxes I've ever seen...
  3. '82 GT? Thats a nice car...
  4. Es Muy Impressivoso! Love the battery holder. Nice!! What wheels you gonna put on your car after the 5 lug?????
  5. No wonder your five lug is not done yet. Looks amazing RFemind me not to park next to him at any shows. I'll drop mine off next Sept to you, pick it up next May (I'll even let you park that beater of yours in my garage for the winter):jaw:
  6. engine is in this mofo.............just got to get it running....
  7. That thing is just flat out SICK. In a good way like That thing is so PHAT it's SICK.
  8. good job, all your projects are always very interesting :nice:
  9. that is very nice. nice job. funny thing is i'm doing my right now. and i plated the sides too.. and i painted mine silver too and my k-member is black. but my battery is going to be in the hatch. mine is not finished yet. in the process of tuning the motor on the engine cradle. but to see ur pictures has me stoked to finish mine.
    just want to say awesome job, looks sick.
  10. what year/body style is that? side skirts etc? looks good
  11. thanks guys........its an 82 gt...not sure what kind of ground fx they are..but they really go nice with the car.....this is another pic of his car with mine....[​IMG][/IMG]
  12. thanks alot. now i need a new computer. somehow i got sperm on mine when that pic loaded.
  13. u guys have two really nice fox's. i like how the 82 has newer quarter windows. they flow with the car. personally not a big fan of the vented style quarters.
    ur mustang looks good too. is the stripes painted or vinyl? looks good.
    just wondering what ur engine bay looks like? u do nice work. i like people that do things right instead of cobbing together. awesome job.
  14. thanks again guys....stripes are paint......and as far as my engine bay...well its not bad ,but its not as nice as the 82 .....this is my first shot at doing this,,, now that i know what to do, next winter mine is going through the same thing.....this is what min looks like as of now....
  15. I like how the brace has the stripe too :rlaugh: but seriously... i do :nice:
  16. Very nice, two of the nicest Foxes around.
  17. white gt with that hood is sweet....You custom made that correct?
  18. Hey, both sweet cars!! QUESTION?? Where did you buy or did you make it?? The polished aluminum piece over the top of the gap between the headlights and the radiator support??

  19. UPR sells them...couple different kind
  20. ****en...one of the nicest 4 eyes I've ever seen :nice: