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  1. hello. this winter i am looking to build a 347 stroker and had a few questions about the parts/ kits im looking at. im looking at the tfs street burner top end kit, and dss sx rotating assy. i was looking around a bit and dss says that the kit with the heads im looking at will run 10.78:1 compression ratio. so i guess my question is will both of these kits work together and i was also considering doing an e85 conversion in addition to these upgrades for cheaper fuel/higher octane. so also what would i need to do in regards to injector size pump size and possible other problems that i might incur with that option. thank you any help would be appreciated
  2. Don't buy anything from DSS, that's my first recommendation. That kit is packaged for a 3.0" stroke (302). You are better off building a quality 306 for that top end than building a budget 347. The power will be about the same with a 347 or a 306. I think you would be happier with the 306. I would go 9.5:1 to 10:1 compression. The street burner cam isn't big enough to drive down the dynamic compression if you are starting with a static compression of 10.78:1, and won't run well on pump gas. With the 347 you are definitely going to have to go to a bigger camshaft. The heads will be on the small side too. It's a very decent, very streetable combo for a 306 engine. If you are keeping it N/A, get a block with a stock rotating assembly. Have the rods and crank checked, machined and rebalanced, and throw some good quality hypereutectic pistons on there and call it a day. It will be a super fun N/A engine with about 350hp that will last a long time.

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  3. I'm with Kurt if I do the TFS on a stroker I am always custom ordering the kit and going larger intake, my own custom cam and I prefer to get the larger head....this makes the kit a fair bit more expensive.

    I'm not a DSS fan either, not sure why ;) (see signature)

    As far as your question about compatiblity yes those parts will all bolt together. I'm assuming a -4cc flat top piston and 61cc chamber for 10.37:1 to 10.68:1 depending on deck height.

    I did a TFS kit with TH intake stage 2 can on a 331 8.5:1 comp that made 340rwhp

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  4. well I have been convinced not to do the stroker. however I still am going to do the top end kit and still want to do some stuff to the bottom end. I want to do rods and pistons and fresh bearings. what length rods do I want / need. stock? and what would I need for pistons to get a 10:1 comp ratio or similar this will be my first engine I do not know how to figure this stuff out. and maybe some suggested brands to use for the rods bearings pistons etc. thank you
  5. I would use stock rods. Go with a small cc head and a flat top piston. That should work out pretty well for the compression. Cast pistons are fine for na, forged for power adder. Mill as necessary to get the compression instead of using a dome piston.

  6. Just wondering why you were convinced no stroker?

    If you do pistons and rods you will have to rebalance and some other machine work the cost difference to go stroker is extremely minimal at that point.....and your just giving up power.
  7. I vote for you to speak with Rick and go with his recomendations
  8. P.S. @Rick 91GT , never received that quote btw
  9. well im not going to do the stroker kit because i dont have 8k to throw at my motor. so should i maybe just do pistons and have the rotating assy. balanced?

    and also ive asked this before but have never gotten an answer. after i do all of this how do i get it tuned. can the factory ecu be tuned or do i need a chip of some sort. because i doubt it will run good with bigger injectors even with the right maf sensor.