Engine Code?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Scrasauge, May 25, 2013.

  1. i have a 65 mustang and i know the engine is not the original. but i am just looking to see what i have here and what im working with on the car for any future modifications and or parts
    the codes i got off the block are; D4DE-8015-BA and the next line down is 7D12
    Can anyone help me out with this please.
  2. Hi, I'm no expert but I've been told the letters C & D castes on a block stands for the decade, c= 1960s and D = 1970 motor. The next digit is the actual year so your casting no. commencing with D4 means you have a 1974 ford V8 motor in your vehicle. I can't help with the other letters/ numbers.
  3. yep ,D4= 74
  4. ok thanks that will probably help now so that i can order a new water pump and a few other items.
  5. I'm looking to put an edelebrock intake on this engine but the model 2121 says its good up to a 72 year engine, can anyone help me with this? I wanted to order from summit today while it's no shipping for cyber Monday
  6. the block dates as 74 but the head dates are under the intake ports ,you may be able to see them with a small mirror with the intake off
  7. It's a 1974-based block, cast April 12, 1977. But the basic number is 6015, not 8015.
  8. 7D12 7 is the month and D is the shift 12 is the day ,should be 7th month 4th shift 12 day of 74 . D4DE