engine cooling fan won't come on (1995 mustang)

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  1. All you have to do to turn the fan on is to unplug that sensor and the fan will turn right on. You don't need that paper clip to turn the fan on.
  2. the paper clip is for testing.. having it in ensures that the ecm is being told that
    it is at max temperature..
    by unplugging it, it would read -40f degrees..... by inserting the paperclip you are now telling the ecm that its 300f+...
  3. Ok, but the fan will still come on :)
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    U are referring to the one circled in red, the sensor, not the connector.... correct?

    When I was looking at it yesterday, it is not the new one that I installed, they put another new one at the repair shop...so it's been replaced twice........but If U think it could be the sensor I am willing to try replacing it again.
  5. For some reason, my does the exact opposite (inserting a paper clip).

    If i put in the paper clip it does nothing. however if I turn the car on, unplug the wire and wait 5 secs, my fan comes on.

    I had the car running for about 20 mins, my aftermarket gauge reached 240* before I unpluged the connector and sure enough, the fan came on and got it back down to about 200*. Any thoughts on this? or is this common when the car is acutally running. Your test was meant to be done on a non-running car. I tried it and it did nothing.

  6. ok there are many different problems with a cooling system,
    if you read from the beginning you would understand the theory for the paperclip
    or jumper wire.. if you try to do this test with the defrost on it defeats the purpose..the defrost uses the a.c. system to pull the moisture off the windshield.. so no matter what temperature the coolant is at, turn the def; on and the fan will come on..
    ...this is a very limited and quick way to determine if a c.t.s
    is not functioning..obviously checking the resistance with a multimeter at more than one specific temperature is the right way..
    only because of torres situation of already having other components checked did i go the quick route of having him do checks of the system..
    i can tell you the c.t.s. sends a signal to the ecm stating the temperature the engine is at from there the ecm controls the fan to come on and off.
    the paper clip is for testing whether the ecm will respond to a maximum signal
    say 300 degrees...
  7. I'm wondering if the CTS worked for you? My son's car is having the same problems. We replaced the thermostat, radiator, alternator & water pump in Nov. The other day, his car overheated. I determined the fan was not coming on. I have checked the fan with the AC on & off. It dosen't do anything. We replaced the fan motor today, still nothing. It sounds like you are having the exact same issue. I'm also in Texas & need to get this fixed soon.
  8. Have you checked the motor fan relay? ;)
  9. where exactly is that at?
  10. I am having the same problem with my 2000. My fan doesn't come on with the A/C on at all. We ran some wire directly from the battery to the fan and it started right up, so i know the fan motor isn't bad. We checked the fuse and it's getting power, but somewhere between there and the fan is the problem. I bought a coolant temp sensor last night to try that and see what happens. The bad part is that on my 2000 the coolant temp sensor is in a sort of awkward spot on the manifold. I have the same question as agrigar, where is the motor fan relay? All i have in the fuse box, is a fuse LOL, no relay? According to Hayne's the Coolant Temp sensor and ccrm are likely candidates. My a/c works just fine while driving, but blows hot at idle. Anybody got any other suggestions for me by any chance? Thanks.
  11. start from the beginning of this thread the answer is here..
  12. tried to jumper it with the paperclip to no avail. fan still doesn't come on? I'm soo sick and tired of this car, i swear. what should i move onto next? If me and my buddy that owns a performance shop can't figure out how to fix it i'm just gonna put in an aftermarket fan and wire it up instead of spending tons of money at a shop that will keep trying different things and never fix it like the other guy on here. thanks for any help you can offer.
  13. silver stang man did the aftermarket fan solve your probs? yes I know its an old thread but I need help
  14. i agree if you unplug the ECT sensor and fan goes on the sensors is bad telling the eec that engine is always cold and fan will not come on.
  15. I bought a 94 mustang from a friend with a aftermarket fan and a toggle switch (not ran the greatest in the car but works lol) he said something about it melted the fusible link on the original fan so he bought a aftermarket and slapped it in there now I would like to put the right fan back in but I cant find anything about a fusible link for the fan I know about the relay and regular fuse but is there a fusible link for this car or is he just full of crap lol. is there a way to test the temp sensor to make sure its telling the ecm to kick the fan on