Engine does not crank and instrument panel is off


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Sep 4, 2008
Hi All,

Yesterday after washing my car, I started to clean by myself inside of it and somehow I kept the head light turned on (my bad). And the battery was dead.

When I came back after 2 Hrs, the remote lock was not working(first evidence). So, I keyed in and got into the car and nothing was going on when I placed the key in ignition and then in the ON/Start position, eveything was OFF.

Today, I tried to jump start, same thing. What should I do now?
Ideally, if the battery is down, then with 'jump start condition' the instrument panel should at least light on, right? So that I can be sure that the power is coming the other battery.

I followed two connections:
1. +ve wire to +ve post, -ve to -ve post of the battery.
2. +ve wire to +ve post, -ve to Engine bolt (for grounding)

Mine is 2002 V6 Mustang, 84K miles, Please help.

Thanks in advance.
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Nov 5, 2004
Are you sure you had the correct polarity when you jump started it? You should connect the cables and then start the doner car and let it idle for a few minutes to charge the battery. When you turn your car to On everything should come on- dash lights, radio, etc.
If not then something else is up.
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