Engine Fail Safe Mode

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  1. My car has been going into safe mode pretty frequently lately, It did this once before about 2 years ago. Recently it has went into safe mode about 7 times in the past 2 weeks. Only today it threw a code (p2106 & p2135). I did a search to find out that its a faulty tps.

    My question is, can I fix it myself ? my car has 65K miles so no more warrenty.

    Second Question is if I do fix it myself can I reflash the computer with my sct, or does the dealer have to do it? and if so will I lose my tune? :shrug:

    Any help or advise is greatly appreciated. :hail2:

  2. Any other codes? Your 1st code list 17 other codes that will create that code.your 2nd say tp1 disagrees with tp2 that code says major short or bad pcm. Yes to your other questions you wont loose tune and u can save tune if its pcm
  3. So I have a bad TPS, a major short & a bad pcm? I think ill take it to ford & see what they say. I know some of the mechanics and would rather not let them expieriment with my car.

    No other codes come up exept for those two, & if I turn the car off then start it back up all is fine for a while.

    thanks for the info
  4. Tough spot.here are some cause 4 the code maybe something gives.TACM motor,Maf,tps,oss,tss,brake module.the rest u need to be good.stupid question u got a tire pressure module on car. Any bolt ons ?could be something stupid
  5. nope no tire sensors, intake, tune, ud pullies, alum drive shaft.
  6. If it was me i look in tps.i know nothing about the new system as to its strange .i am by no means a true mechanic.im in the same shoes my 03 cobras engine just blew. I did everything myself with book and stangnet.its only nuts and bolts.ck into what u have 4 tps
  7. thanks i'll look into it more on the net, might ask those goofs at the dealer what they think.
  8. I paid 25 bucks 4 oem dvd on ebay.their answers are great but its what about your next problem that happens. Good luck
  9. Failsafe

    I had a failsafe a few weeks ago. It was a simple fix - the sensors that dangle above the valve covers were resting on the valve covers, instead, and telling the computer that the car was running hot. I tied them off and have not had the problem since.
  10. Yep, sounds like a wire dangling is just a joke. But listen to your car is she lights off and no codes. So the sensor is good. You have a wire foof inn nator is the gear flum bit babbit wang her is loose and if you follow the TEA Pee Yes that sensor, see if any wires are out of the jackets or the connector is cracked from someone bumping into it with an oil change or recent tuneup is the jerk kin ate her is you know, I could never keep up with the TPs is sensors and chit....
  11. does it sputter then ding the fail safe.. kinda fall on its face?? could be a throttle body positioning sensor?? i swear i have a whole throttle body in my garage i picked up lol if i can find it.. try and get you a sensor?? they shouldn't be much though? anyway i had the same problem but with a warranty and they replace my whole throttle body.
  12. Update

    I checked over everything that was suggested here, and found nothing out of place. I was still having the problem, so I took the CAI off and moved the throttle body blades up & down a few times with my hand. Then I repositioned the mass air sensor so that the wires had a little more slack. Everything has been ok for a coupple weeks now sooooo :shrug: .

    I think either the Throttle body or the sensor is bad & I bought some time by foolin with it a little, OR the MAF sensor wire was being pulled when I hit the gas & causing the computer to draw a code.

    Im not sure, but Im glad its O.K. now. (FINGERS CROSSED)
  13. yeah but it would suck to throw a code at highway speed when she goes into failsafe our cars don't wanna do more than 35 mph get some maf cleaner and take the maf sensor out and clean it very carefully.. i couldn't find that other throttle body the dealer gave me back.. i was hoping maybe they had a recall and you could trade the parts out.. if i had to guess i would say that is your problem though its pretty common
  14. Just got mine out of the shop for engine fail safe/check engine light problem. Tried new TPS and MAF did not fix. Codes were showing bad throttle body. They even changed the car computer and nothing. Finally they tried a throttle body off a trade in and it fixed it. I ordered a brand new throttle body with new TPS and motor and she is running like brand new. Codes it showed were P2121 and P2112. Good luck.

    Mine is a 2005 GT. What is yours?
  15. How much does Ford charge for the TB & TPS ? If its reasonable I would change it, but I have raced about 15x scince it last happened and all is well. ( Knock on wood)
  16. Whole assembly is $394 but I got mine at cost from a ford employee...$230.:nice:
  17. :mad:isn't your car under warrenty??
    i swear they should fix it for free? how long you had the car? mine is an 05 i bought with 14k on it and i raised cain when it acted up they replace for free..
  18. Mine now has 47,000 on it and is under a 2nd party extended, not Ford, warranty but throttle bodies are not covered.
  19. damn... that sucks.. mine is and extended warranty by ford and goes to 50k...
  20. got mine in august of 05' with 0.3 miles now it has 67k HARD miles.

    Dang, $400 is a lot, think i'll wait till it takes a dump completely.