Engine Engine Gets Too Warm When A/c Is On.

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 94stangfan, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Fair enough. the photo looked close. RockAuto calls it a "Body Control Module", and lists two different part numbers:

    5.0 V8: A-1 CARDONE Part # 7370020, Ford #F4ZZ 12B577-A
    3.8 V6: A-1 CARDONE Part # 7370029, Ford #F4ZZ 12B577-B

    The 5.0 version is about $80.
  2. What is this RockAuto place you speak of? I went to their website, but want to make sure they are a legitimate business before I try to use them and get screwed over.

    I haven't done the full testing of this yet, but I have been reading up on it. I am pretty sure mine is bad. I have had problems with stalling once in a while and I get a too lean error code when I scan my computer. Since this relay also runs the fuel pump. I am pretty sure it is either bad or going bad.
  3. I replaced the CCRM and that seems to keep it more cool, but then again we haven't had the blistering hot days since I changed it.

    I can definitely hear a difference between the low and high fan now. So that was at least part of the problem.