engine getting really hot (HELP!!!!)please

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  1. Hey guys i've got a couple questions. Ok heres the first i'm driving and i stop and park it, and the engines really hot, i know they get hot but not this hot and i pop the hood and my fan aint running i've had the car for about 3 weeks and havent seen the fan running once, how can i see if it works. And the other question is should i get a gt fan thats not electric would that be better for it or no. :nice:

    thanks guys
  2. Those things are famous for not working. Unhook both wires from the fan and hook up power and ground to it. If it starts running it is not the fan but more like a relay. That can be found along side the a/c relay in a relay box under the dash right behind the fuse box, it has a 8 wire connector. Crack that box open and inspect the relay's chances are you have a burnt tracer on the pc board, it will also burn up the copper winding of the relay. Run to the junkyard and grab a couple other's they can be found in 83 or 84 up to 93 or so Mustang's. I would check the relay before you start messing with sensors. You can always wire in some 30 amp relay's in if your handy with them.
  3. I wouldn't go to a manual fan if I were you. I guess some people actually upgrade to our electric fans as a performance upgrade.
  4. ok ill stick with the electric fan and tommorrow morning, well it technically is tommorrow right now :D. Anyway ill unhook it and figure out why it aint working

    thanks alot guys
  5. if its an 87, find the single yellow wire (sometimes its a single red wire) that goes to the bottom of your lower intake(driverside) Should have a boot on the end of it. Pop the wire off, with the car running, and Ground that wire.

    You can use paper clip or anything, just make sure it recieves some sort of ground. the Fan should come on. If it does, i means your fan swich is bad.
    Cheap and easy to fix, and usualy the probelm! Check this FIRST.
  6. you could just hook it up so it comes on when you turn it on and turns off when you turn off the car thats how both of mine are hooked up and my sisters is the same way and they work great. just make sure the fan is blowing the right way
  7. Woodster, it makes no difference on the switch if the relay is bad. The switch can be good and still not kick on a bad relay to turn the fan on. If you ground the switch and it does not come check the relay before replacing the switch.
  8. fyi... the fan also should always turn on when you have your a/c on. This is how I would always check it. if i doesnt go on then hook the fan to the battery as said to tell for sure that it is the fan.