engine gone.... read please

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  1. FOOK Well I just got a call from my mechanic and he knows what was wrong with my car. No oil pressure. Before you say check your gauge, I've had the car for a year, and the gauge never worked, even when it ran fine. A local builder started it up, and listened to it, ran it for about a minute, so my engine is FOOKED. My mechanic hooked a mechanical gauge to it, and read 0. Not good So my tech. question is: better to swap parts over to a new engine? or try to break it down and replace all the bearings? My mods/parts are in my sig.

    If I do end up going new engine, will my 351 W heads flow enough? (unported)

    Make me feel better, and let me know if you know of someone who has a cheap stock motor... I'm trying to get away with not buying a brand new motor. If I do have to go that route, Rick91 GT will get the call.:mad: :mad: :mad::mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad
  2. Damn I am sorry bro, look for a stocker or give rick a call, that would be B A! Then the car would be one big BAMF . Like Dane Cook's CT 2004. ( trying to cheer you up a bit if you even know who Dane Cook is)
  3. LOL, I'm just mad about having to get a new engine, and all. I just bought a NOS kit too. That might be up for sale, or just wait to be installed.

    Either way, I'm gonna toy around with the broken engine. Learn LOTS
  4. Sweet, do you know if SC or NC, well I'll find out in a little.
  5. Prolly a little too far from you.. but Im selling a nice 302.. check sig for link. :nice:
  6. NC.. im fairly certain.. im on there alot
  7. He's in Lexinton, NC. I sent him a e-mail for specs. if he has them.

    I just need a new engine....