SN95 Engine Guys Help?

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  1. Ok so I'm going to be starting my engine soon. I'm not sure on a path to getting it rebuilt. I know what I want and what I "want" to do. But I'm not sure if I should attempt it or not.
    Basically, I want to rebuild my engine from top to bottom. And I'm wondering if I should have my block taken care of by someone like rick or somebody that will work with what I want. From the shortblock I want to pretty much build the rest. I've never done anything to this extent but I really want to do it.
    Can any of you guys give me some tips on what I should watch for when I'm installing the top end and such? What kind of special tools am I going to need. Pretty much anything you guys can offer. Even if its telling me not to even try this. Think I can pull it off?
  2. Also should I try installing the engine myselfor have somebody do it after its built?If I do install myself can I tune it to run good in my garage or is that something a shop should do? I will admit if I did pull this off first start up would be teterrifying lol
  3. Are you doing a stick rebuild, or are you doing some mods?

  4. if its just a basic engine swap with no major mods, you wont need a tune, just set your fuel pressure and timing
  5. Just getting better top end components. An hci swap
  6. Good trq wrench, engine stand, cherry picker, chiltons manual. The manual would list the specific tools in every section and give you an idea of whats needed:nice: said rebuild top to bottom(cherry picker - engine stand if you're pulling motor)
  7. Certain HCI combos work with the stock computer, but most don't. I recommend budgeting in a chip. They aren't expensive, and if done properly you shouldn't have to do any real tuning after startup.