engine has been rebuilt, only 281RWHP, what is wrong?

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  1. Well the truth is a stock 5.0 on an engine dyno wont throw down 225 hp. They will probably knock down 240 or so. Factor in a good intake and carb (dumping the stock TB, intake, MAF and air silencer) and I could see 53 hp over what it was RATED at. Rated vs real world are two different realities.

    A 278 flywheel hp car will probably throw down 220-230 at the wheels tops, and thats right where a good deal of Intake and exhaust cars are!

  2. I went from 14.7s to 14.20s with an intake/carb swap...as a matter of fact i used the exact intake they're talking about and a Holley 650, and i picked up a half second on my ET and 4 mph. :shrug:
  3. tHATS ABOUT THE NORM. a 100hp = 1 FULL SECOND. 4 mph? Pretty good.:nice:
    Oops,cap locks on. Now if you were starting at 14.3 and went to a 13.8 youd be happier rite? 13's sound nicer! :D

  4. Yeah it's slow but not bad considering i still have E5 heads and an obscene number of miles on the car. I think it shows how choked a stock engine is by the intake, both the carbed cars and EFI...which is why i didn't think 53HP was a big deal (meaning no big deal like no surprise). Heck look what you get with an intake/carb/heads! It's like a whole different engine.
  5. Sounds great but just not a real world experience. Your standard low compression 302/306 when matched with the standard AFR/FTI/Eddy rpm intake usually pushes the rollers around 300 after a good tune...add your 15 percent drive line loss and you can see how far away 400 is. Up the compression....work the aftermarket heads..get Ed to make you a nice agressive grind and you'll likely see it, but bolt ons just not going to get you there. As I've stated before thumper heads are just about the best E7's around for flow...add an alpha cam and you can go 12's on stickies...can you make 280 plus to the ground? Not with home ported heads and an Xcam.
  6. Why the heck is everyone talking about drivetrain loss? It's 400 FLYWHEEL HP PEOPLE read the article. Bunch of skim readers LOL
  7. plus i dont think they use the accessories... which is a lot of paracitic(sp) loss.
  8. I'm talking REAL world to the tires power results of adding aftermarket heads and cam to a stock shortblock. Facts are you're not going too see these claimed numbers. You show me one stock shortblock...any heads, any cam, any intake...N/A that makes 400 Fly wheel HP and Daggar will eat his own feet.
  9. 280 rwhp with a cam and done up (not just home ported, the original poster mentioned bigger valves and such) E7s and all the bolt ons not only can put down 280, with the right tune should put down 280! At least I would expect my car to throw down 280, but everyone has different standards.
  10. Theres a guy on Corral with a stock short block that just went 10.7. Im pretty sure he has 400 fly wheel hp in that car, 10.7s are not easy to come by!
  11. So basically well worked E7's with cam and tune are good for 280! :D
    J/K, I curious to see where Im at. I have the Thumper/T-Moss-65mm Accufab with the stock cam,FMS shorties,catted x pipe Bassani cat back 410's and a stall. Im sure the high speed stall will kill it a little but I wanna see where its at.
  12. I nice cam to make use of the extra head volume would be sweet.
  13. Man i don't know what you're saying....i don't understand where you're seperating the real world from that article...it's not like they had a magical short block or something? Also you have to consider that AFR 165s are not only some of the sickest heads out there, but they also bump up compression at the same time as increasing flow. Maybe you're trying to point out the differences between an engine dyno and a chassis dyno? Yeah i could see that point, because with full accessories and then whatever drivetrain loss, hell no you won't see 400hp at the wheels but you should damn well see 320-340 or so.

    Geez you guys are flippin out....think about it....on an engine dyno with no accessories, no intake restrictions with great flowing intake/carb/heads...maybe i'm just crazy but 400 at the flywheel is typical of an HCI combo at the flywheel.

    Here guys....this is straight from Ford, their own crate engine only with the Z303 heads and an E cam, 390hp, and 1)they under rate their engines and everyone in the universe knows how bad (just look at the '03 Cobras), and 2) AFR 165s will make more power than Z303 heads, at least enough to offset the 10hp short that the Ford engine is of 400hp. As for the cam, an E cam is small and if you consider how low they rate their engines, it's probably more like 415-420hp with the cam.


    I'd just about bet anything that if you tuned that crate engine with the same intake and carb that the Carcraft article used, you'd crack 400hp.
  14. Not too sure about that.Maybe a little, but worth thr trouble of changing the cam? I think the stock cam rocks! Im gonna go for a Cobra intake first. I think I'll see huge gains with it.
  15. I think some guys just need to spend some time at the local dyno watching to see what these "kick ass" combo's are putting down...majority will be lucky to see the 290-300 with the name brand H/C/I combo's...you stick a set of 165's on a complete stock block...run down to the dyno and your likely going to be looking at around 250-260's. My current heads (small valve eddy's) have been smiled on enough to out flow the coveted 165's...am I making 400 fwhp?

  16. I dunno man....we have Dyno Day here locally a few times a year and we see pretty good numbers...it's also in the tune and how much life is left in your stock block. Do you live in high altitude or something? There's gotta be a reason we're not seeing eye to eye, 'cause it's not like i'm dreaming this stuff up, it's what i've seen.

    I guess people think the same thing when i talk about Explorer motors running 12s....maybe there's something in the gas around here :lol:
  17. well for what my car ran with the stock weight and me in it 3300 lbs it came out to about 290 hp ! 13.52 @ 104.53 !
  18. I dont even think im putting down 280hp with my afr 165s lol
  19. well i think thats at the motor ! it's easier to throw a carb and intake on a car if you can tune it ! i could have put 300 dollors in a carb and intake setup but i went with a 1300 dollor f.i. setup so carb is alot cheaper and will out run most f.i. setups...... that setup would have beat most aluminum headed f.i. cars around were i live ! my car i just sold had twisted wedge heads,f cam, 750 dp,victor jr intake with longtubes and 3" exh and it beat a f.i. car with the same setup but f.i. and it went 12.20 @112.00 so i was think it would have went high 11's @ around 114.00 or so it pulled him bad from 3rd on up !
  20. 290 to the wheels? If so those are terrible times!