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  1. My 99 cobra is dead. My oil pan was damaged, and it deprived the engine of oil. So now I am left with the decision of what to do. I was thinking, of getting a new stroker motor, or maybe an 03 motor. I was told that an 03 motor could bolt up to my car, as long as I had the 03's ecu. Has anyone done this? I would like to know some info on this swap, or if I should even do this. Maybe I should just try to rebuild my current engine. Another factor is money, I am doing this through insurance and the engine will be appraised this Tues, so I am not exactly sure about the amount I will recieve from the Insurance company. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I really dont think the insurance money will be enough to cover an 03 motor but if you could somehow swing it and it'll fit i couldnt pass it up. good luck
  3. or u can just get a 2v motor and put it in :) hehe
  4. why not just buy a mach1 motor? its way cheaper than an 03/04 cobra motor.
  5. rebuild yours with good forged internals...better and cheaper than buying a 03 cobra engine
  6. :stupid:

    Rebuild yours and it'll be lighter and less costly than an 03/04 Cobra/Mach engine and just as strong...
  7. Rebuild it with some forged internals
  8. I really don't understand why you would need a 03/04 computer. I was told i need a 4v cpu for my motor to work. Well my 4v is running on a 96 gt computer and it is fast as all hell. <No problems!>

    Don't waste your time trying to get that 03/04 motor, to much money. Have your motor built but becareful because to many people aren't good at building 4vs.

    Go to DSSracing.com they build good motors over there. You can get a built 4v short block for $3200, it can hold 700hp. I think its a good deal.

    You can always try just getting a 03/04 short from someone Karkraft.com may have one. I think they are selling for 2300-2700. Just remember your motor has a 9.8.1 compression and the 03+ have the 8.5.1 compression. You may lose some N/A hp.

    Even though my new motor has almost 3000miles on it i'm always looking for a deal on a built short block. Those places i have listed are just some of the places i check out.
  9. a built engine will always be better than a stock ford cobra engine since ur not cutting costs like Ford does :)
    I would go with some manley stuff, Oliver, CP,diamond...u pick...if money is fine..go billet and be ready to crank up the boost :)
  10. Might be able to find a used 03/04 Cobra engine or Mach engine here

  11. If you want either of them just look up Karkraft.com it would be cheaper. If you buy a mach just make sure you get one out of a stick than at auto.<meaning mach> The crank is stronger in the stick.

    Stock for stock the mach is a faster motor than your present one. Only problem you'll have with the mach is that it can't hold that much power. I think at 400 whp the motor blows. I'm sure people have ran there machs with that much hp but they blow up sooner than later. I don't own a mach i'm just telling you what i have read. Better off asking someone that has modded a mach1 and blew.
  12. Great advice so far guys. Another ?, what are the benefits of a long block vs a short block
  13. Longblock will be full assembled - usually costs more but it is put together from the engine builder so its more of a turn-key setup. Do lots of research on a good 4V builder in your area. If there is none - then yank that sucker out and go with a VTengine longblock -Ive heard nothing but greatness from them.

  14. I second vtengines
  15. I think thats a load of crap that an aftermarket shop forged rebuild is somehow more reliable than a factory 04 cobra motor. That factory 8.5 comp is going to have tighter tolerances.

    Ask the reputable shop techs (off the record) if you don't believe me.
  16. JBV it really depends who builds the motor. Just cause you can build a motor doesn't mean you know how to build them right.

    03/04 cobra motors are beasts but they do blow. I know a few people on the board that bought a new cobra and the motor was just about done. On the other hand i know people that have boosted that crap out of them and are still running hard. My point is its a hit or miss on that motor and factory isn't always the best way to go.

    Ford cuts a lot of costs anyway.

    As for the short or long block. Just get a short block. If you get a long block all your paying for is your heads but ports to whatever stage and some cams. Keep in mind the cams a lone are 1200 dollars and usually give about 30-40 hp.<Its not bad, i guess>

    Get a short block put some blower cams<if you have the money> and buy a Novi 2000 or ATI D1.
  17. O yea for VT i hear nothing but go things about them.
  18. I heard the pistons are the weak link on the 03-04 cobra motors. I would personally put my Al Papitto built shortblock against one any day. When I had my engine rebuilt I didn't skimp on any parts like ford would do for a production motor. CP pistons, Manley rods, billet oil pump gears, arp main and head studs. I agree that the production 03-04 cobra motor is pretty stout but it could be a lot better for the $6k price tag of that longblock.
  19. Motors are a lot like PC's.. if you know what your doing you can build your own component system that is just as good as an IBM for half the price.

    The Ford motors are safe choices but will cost a ****load.

    If the Mustangs are anything like Trans Am's.. (which I'm sure they are).. you should be able to find LOADS of info on the net about people with your car that have dropped in strokers/big blocks/blowers, etc. If you contact these people they will even send you templates for new motor mounts if you need to mod. Point is that your car is dead so the best thing to do is either get a new car or have some fun with it...
  20. The stock 03/04 Cobra shortblock is very stout and very reliable, however, it's not bulletproof, and probably isn't the best choice for someone that is going to replace their motor anyways.

    There are a few reasons, among them the block. 03/04s use iron blocks that are almost 100 lbs heavier than aluminum. Unless your going stupid, stupid power, its just extra dead weight. Also, the pin area of the pistons are relatively weak, and when the stock block goes south due to excessive boost, it is usually this area that breaks.

    What I would recommend depends primarily on your budget and your goals. There are many paths you could go down, but an 03/04 motor swap is not the one I'd personally do.