Engine is shot

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  1. Quick addition....there are some stroker kits and big bore kits out there. However, none that I know of have been proven reliable over the long run. Not saying they aren't or won't be, but I haven't seen any go a lot of street miles yet.

  2. -Does stupid power= supercharged???

    Does this imply he'd be better off adding a blower to an aluminum 4.6?? :shrug:
  3. Not necessarily, though forced induction is the easy way to big power.

    Sure. There is no reason a stock, aluminum 4.6 Cobra block cannot reliably make 800+ RWHP without failure. NOTE: I'm talking about the block, not the pistons or rods that one might use. The extra ~100 lbs that the iron block adds is simply dead weight. When have you ever heard of a street Cobra destroying a block? Very, very rare.

  4. :rolleyes: I like that PC's quote.
  5. What are your long term goals for the car? A rebuild sounds like a good idea to me. While I do like the 03 motor I would not choose it for my car, I'd choose to build up the motor that came with my car. Twin turbos is my long term goal, that is many years away though unless I win the lottery :)

  6. I hope all of you get to see a newer ( 01 up) engine when its taken apart! EVERYONE I have taken apart the main bearings are pitted and look like they have 100K miles on them. I see this with carrier bearings on 01 up rearends. Ford has changed something or suppliers because when compared to a 96 or even a 93 mark 8 their bearings look brand new!

    Al, Modular performance, Us at Hensler would build an engine for you and you would very happy and faster than you were.
    As far as tolerances go! How much tighter than .00134 can you go??? LMAO!
  7. Is there much difference between the 99 and 01 4v cobras?
  8. with a 99 you get some new parts and some old. We have had 99's with 1 piece cam gears and some 2 piece. I cant remember how the bearings looked so I wont commit on them. The reason I say 01 up is because thats what we see the most often. I have had several in here with less than 10k mikes on them. We had a 02 gt and the motor had extremely good power Na for a stocker and the customer wanted a ported head and cam swap done. The cylender walls on that motor looked like crap and I showed the customer. This motor is still running great and I think the car has been in the 11's at full weight. Just some stories!
  9. We pulled my stock 99 Cobra motor this past winter when it had ~74k miles on it. Lots of highway miles, lots of city miles, probably over 150 1/4 mile passes, a few missed shift leading to 8000 rpm over-revs, and one 3rd gear to 2nd gear powershift (oops), letting the motor go who-knows how high.

    I always used synthetic oil (Mobil 1 [email protected]), and never let it or the filter go beyond 5000 miles (much sooner during racing season).

    After we pulled the motor, we turned it over, took the pan off, removed a couple of rod and main caps, and looked at the bearings. You could tell they were used, but they looked awesome for the mileage. No issues at all.
  10. Bob I have had 5 01's apart this year and everyone looked bad!