Engine JUST gave out!?! I NEED Swap Suggestions...

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  1. I have been away from this forum for a long time (while in Iraq, and various other places WITHOUT my car :( ...) but I'm back with a BIG issue. I need some help, and suggestions. I have a '98 GT with just over 90,000 forced induction miles, and tonight my non-PI stock motor is no longer with us. I want to do a complete engine swap ( 5.0, 4.6PI, 5.4, cobra) and possibly still use a good portion of my accessories ( 6 month old custom FMIC, Vortech S/C, $1,400 worth of tuning software/hardware). Im looking for suggestions on what I should do. Please help me out! Just to let you know, I'm a Marine and I'm married so I'm clearly on a budget, lol! I'm looking to keep it fairly cheap, but I want the car to perform! I drive it hard and want to try to keep it forced induction. A relatively simple swap is ideal as well. I am very knowledgeable, but I dont want to really do any fabrication, or rewiring. What options do I have? And for a little sympathy, I JUST got this car back ONE week ago from getting new a new wing, hood, and paint! I did an oil change, radiator flush, tune up, cleaned my air filter, and gave it a good wash/wax, and minutes later said goodbye to my engine! Bad night for me altogether, so ANY help will be GREATLY APPRECIATED! THANKS IN ADVANCE
  2. Find a bone yard Mark VIII engine, rebuild with forged pistons and rods (cranks good for 700ish hp) and eaither use the 4v heads or get some TF heads. :nice:

    If your block is not hurt then your cheapest option would be a forged rotating assembly and rebuild it. Ditch the heads and still put on some TF versions. :nice:
  3. 4V FI = WIN
  4. Yes or no to a 2000 S281 Saleen engine (complete with ECU and harness) with 88,000 miles for $900? Does it have forged internals? More HP? All of my stuff would mate to it, correct? :shrug:
  5. I like the idea of the 4V from the Mark VIII. I would need the harness for that engine as well, correct? As far as rebuilding my block, I dont think it is in good enough shape. There was a lot of metal circulating thru it during the end of its life. Also for that reason, I think I'm going to stay away from the shortblock. It would be a great option, but I would have to invest too much money in addition to it, that I think I would be better off with a complete engine. Thanks for the help so far! :nice: Is there anything else? Anybody else? What about the Saleen engine?
  6. I don't think they have forged internals, its just a 99-04 4.6 pi as far as i know. But still, my 99 pi has 109k miles, 15k being fi
  7. i think your best bang for your buck is finding a PI motor with low miles for about 1k. that saleen motor you found seems to be a good steal.
    or like everyone else suggested ,go 4 valve. Wish you the best of luck, i was there a couple years ago with my 98 GT, it was the saddest 1yr n half ever.
  8. Aluminator.
  9. just better heads than you have.

    still gonna be limited to under 450 rwhp.

    just pick up a forged shortblock and turn the boost up!!
  10. I am kicking around the idea for a aluminator build myself.. I have a 4v mark motor sitting around to use
  11. The non factory blown Saleens dont have anything special inside. As far as the Mark VIII swap you can use your computer. You will only lose the IMRC function but you can bypass them. Because you have a 98GT you will want a 93-96 Mark VIII because it will have the right valve covers. The 97-98s are COP so you would have to get new non-COP valve covers.

    Upside is 93-96 are much more plentiful. :nice:
    Should be able to score a complete engine for $500-$700. You will need a new pipe for the T-body since your new one will be a dual and in a different position. :shrug:
  12. Damn double post! :bang:
  13. If I had to do it over again i might have just done an aluminator shortblock but whatever I'm still happy with the results so far.