Engine Light: EGR Excessive Flow


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May 28, 2005
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I have a 1996 GT and i just had the clutch replaced and two days later i get a check engine light. I had a diagnostic test ran on it and it gave me a code for EGR excessive flow. What should i check first? Should i just take it to a mechanic and let him deal with it or is it a common problem and i should just replace the EGR valve. I also have long tube headers, but i have had them for a long time, so i dont think that is the problem. But the guy who put in my clutch said he had to strap the headers out of the way to get to the tranny so he might have done something to them.
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Oct 10, 2000
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Take a look at the wiring in and around the headers. It is possible that something got pinched/shorted or burned. If all is well then the problem might be the differential pressure flow element (DPFE) that measure the EGR flow. It is near the firewall on the driver's side and has two hoses to and from it and an electrical connection, too. One of the hoses is a little larger than the other so they have to be plugged in the right way on the flow element. So, make sure that the hose and electrical connector are plugged back in properly. Sorry but I don't know if the signal from the flow element will read high or low when it fails but it is not an expensive part to replace.