Engine Light?

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  1. I have a 2013 GT and I recently installed a one piece aluminum driveshaft. A few days after my check engine light came on :( Ive never had any problems with the car and the light has never come on before this. I tried reinstalling my previous tune which turned the light off for a day but then came right back on. Anyway it has something to do with the driveshaft I installed? The car drives the exact same and can tell no difference at all, but since I have a boss manifold along with other aftermarket mods my local dealership wont touch it. Any advice or input would be appreciated!!
  2. What code did you pull from the computer?
  3. You can just pick one of the forum posts to reply too I noticed you replied to both. But how I do that with my tuner?
  4. There should be an option in your tuner to read diagnostic trouble codes. That is step one when diagnosing a check engine light.