engine mounts???

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by willblackgt, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. does anyone have a service manual or can someone tell how many hours of labor ford will charge to have the mounts replaced. also is it possible to put a bassani x pipe on in your driveway, if so what are the things im gonna need :nice:
  2. looking for a answer , im in a bind here
  3. Ahem.. I just stipped down my engine for the second time to redo my driver side header because of leak BY MYSELF.

    For the engine mount. all you have to do is drop the K-member, which requres you to take the wheel out, then the springs and then the engine mount follow by the 8 bolts that hold up the K-member. All of this can be done in about an hour or two. You have to hold the engine up with something while dropping it. After the K-member is dropped you can take off the engine mounts by unscrewing 3 bolts for each side and you're done! :nice:

    For the bassani X pipe. You can do it alone on driveway. I did it my shorty X pipe while installing my headers and cat-back. I used 2 ramps for the rear and 2 jacks up front. IMO.. piece of cake :) The pictures in my site might help.. good luck
  4. I could guess, but why don't you just call your local Ford dealer and ask? My guess would be at least 4 hours, but I don't really know. :shrug:

    As for installing an X-pipe in the driveway...yes, IF your driveway is level. I used ramps, rachet, assorted metric socets and combination wrenches, some WD-40, and MIL-eliminators. It would also be beneficial to have gloves to protect your hands and beer to help with the frustration... :nice:
  5. i spoke to this guy i met that works for ford , he told me six hours , but that didnt sound right to me. thats why i wanted to see if anyone had access to a service manual
  6. 6 hours? are you crazy? It took me 1 hour to drop the K-member and 2 min to remove both engine mounts... and I have to crawl under the car whereas Ford has lift...
  7. It doesn't matter whether it takes you (or the Ford mechanic) 15 minutes or 8 hours. If the book says 6 hours, that is what you have to pay for... :bang:
  8. First let me congratulate you on getting a bassani x pipe. Those are simply the best. Yes it can be done in the driveway, you'll just need some jackstands. Second those ford dealers are thieves. So do what cottonburner said. Later.