engine news on 2010 ?

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  1. any word on the engines that WILL make it in the cars?
  2. Nothing concrete as of yet regarding anything new. You can surely count on the 3v 4.6 or a close derivative.
  3. id heard they were replacing the 4.6 3v with a 5.0 3v also somewher i had heard a special version 6.4 v8 but its all speculation and new engines arent speculated to be coming out in the first model year
  4. Man I hope one of the two is the case.
  5. I think it will be a 350hp version of the current 3v 4.6.
  6. Hopefully it will be atleast 400 HP out of the GT. If not, I think I'm gunna have to trade mine in on an SRT8 something.
  7. SRT8 cars are very powerful but also very heavy. You will have more fun in a Mustang and they will all ways be faster if you build them up equally in horse power because of the weight. Just my $.02
  8. Not worried about all out performance anymore. And 4 doors would be nice for our growing family. I don't except a Mustang site to side with switching from Ford... Hell... I never thought I would. Maybe Ford should bring over the Falcon XR from AU to keep those that need a bigger car, and still want decent all around performance.
  9. The R/T or SRT8 charger is a great family muscle car. You could always go with the new challenger. They are supposed to have a big back seat for a 2 door car. I still think a 350hp mustang with 4.10 gears has enough power to keep up with a 400hp Challenger, Charger or Camaro.
  10. Have you seen the times for the Challenger? We can keep up with them right now ... :notnice:
  11. it's time for the big bore "boss" motor

    No more small bore modulars :notnice:
  12. I'll side with you on that one. I'd sell the wife's explorer in a heartbeat!
  13. arent they supposed to use the cammer 5.0?
  14. NO... way to expensive and still a small bore..

    We need the NEW engine.. hopefully for will give it to us.

    Give us the boss... Give us the boss... . give us the boss.. down with small bore modulars.. down with small bore modulars...

    Ok everybody chant with me.. :rlaugh:

    If the new motor is not in the 2010 I give up.. I will just buy a used mustang then, I am not spending 25k+ of my hard earned money on another 3.55 bore modular mustang.
  15. I thought I read somewhere that 2010 was supposed to retain the same 4.6 we have now, but for 2011 they are bumping it to a 400 hp version of the 5 liter.
  16. From what I've heard the new 5.0 will be DOHC like the cammer.
  17. they just need to give us the 5.4 DOHC motor out of the GT500 (with or with out the blower) and give them a 6.0 are 6.8 DOHC motor.
  18. Poop - Pontiac G8 GT FTW :drool:

    or G8 GTP :shrug:
  19. No doubt. Starting to see a few on the road around here. Very sharp. May very well be my next car as well. I really need a 4-door for my job, but I'll be damned if I'm getting a FWD CamCord sedan. Maybe Ford will bring in the Aussie Falcon as suggested by PoopDawg