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  1. Hi guys. First off, let me say I am still learning these cars, so please go easy on me. I'm torn on which route to go for my power plant. What I do know for certain is I don't want a boosted application, or an LS1 swap.

    The car is still drivable but the motor is finally giving up after 228,000 miles. I will likely rebuild my 2V or pull it for a 351 roller carbed build.

    My goals are simple:
    #1. Get as much power as I can out of 91 octane crap gas they sell in California.
    #2. Beat my friend who has a 00 Camaro with full bolt ons and a 175 shot
    #3. Hear that beautiful 7,000 RPM symphony

    I'm confident I can accomplish these goals since I have a 400 pound weight advantage. Plus, I'm not afraid to use race gas when we go racing.

    I've been trying to learn as much as possible about both set ups, but it sounds like the 2V 4.6 is only good for about 425 HP. Is this correct? Obviously a bored and stroked SBF is good for more, but at what cost?
  2. Not gonna happen without:

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  3. What type of budget are you working with? This will determine my recommendation for sure. Are you against using nitrous as well?
  4. Everything was all good until I saw "175 shot". He's north of 500Hp when on the spray which means you're not going to beat him with a 2V, period. You're going to need a budget, a BIG budget & forced induction if you want to play with the LS1. Co-worker of mine has a bone stock 00' SS and I can keep up with him as we stand right now but, I know full well his motor has a much higher ceiling for making power than mine does once mods start piling up. Those motors are no joke & it was the Camaro's one and only redeeming feature from that era.
  5. Never ever build a car with the goal of beating some mullet sporting douchebag camaro driver! Damn son that is worse than arguing with diesel pickemup truck drivers.

    Just build your self a nice ****ing mustang and enjoy it bro, there will always be someone faster. But, 95% of the other cars on the road will always be slower :rlaugh:
  6. I with Kilgore Trout on this one, just build one to your standard and let everyone else fumble their brain into thinking can I beat him or not!
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  7. LOL...... I did say that huh. Guilty as charged. :) We're too far invested into this to quit now. I'll definitely beat him with the Navigator motor, but it'll be a pain in the ass to get it there...... Plus if we're getting technical, the aluminum 5.7 from the Camaro is the LS1. The 5.3 and 6.0 aren't under the LS1 banner.
  8. The Navigator engine is a HELL of an engine. It's far superior to the LS1. unfortunately though it's a HUGE engine that BARELY fits into my Mustang. Plus the cost of 4 cams is WAY higher than buying just 1 cam........ With that said, my Lincoln LS might get a 6.0 swap by this time next year. ;-)
  9. believe me i know what you are going through my older brother is big camaro Fan and he keeps bragging about how they are better than mustangs
    Im a huge mustang fan i totally adore these things I LOVE THEM!.
    i think you cant go wrong with a stroker engine you know maybe in your case a 347 or bigger maybe and of course the magic of mustang community Is Upgrades you have to have alot of upgrades to smoke the Camaro's
    yeah i do think it will be pretty expensive but is it worth it
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  10. Very true. The Chevy guys do have it easy compared to us. In all honesty I'm jealous of the simplicity they get rewarded with. However we get modern technology in the form of dual overhead cams........ Just to catch everyone up on my build, I went with the Navigator motor. It's by far the most difficult swap I've ever been a part of, and I've been doing this for 15 years. It's not even expensive the way I'm doing it. I'm just using the stock intake manifold and exhaust manifolds until I can decide on something else. I go into detail in my other thread titled My 5.4 4v swap