Engine Pic - Powdercoating done.

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  1. Thought I'd toss up a pic of my finished engine bay. Well finished that is until I add a supercharger.
  2. That looks awesome. Great choice of colors.

  3. Very nice!
  4. very nice great job and i like the blue
  5. Thats awesome. Powder coat > Chrome/polish...but I'm biased :)
  6. That looks great. Now you'll have to polish the blower head unit.
  7. Yeah, don't want to powdercoat or chrome plate the blower because it needs to vent LOTS of heat!
  8. Not unless you get that black one from Vortech :drool: but I think those were limited in production
  9. Looks like they are powdercoated:

  10. Looks very nice. I like the blue color!
  11. Thats what I mean, if its factory done then there is no concern.
  12. That is nice and clean looking. I assume you are getting a polished Vortech to go with all that, right?
  13. I don't see how the powdercoating will affect the heat transfer.
  14. Well it was going to be a polished unit. But now I want to get a satin unit and powdercoat it blue.
  15. How thermally conductive is powdercoating vs bare metal? I doubt that a few millimeters is going to act as much of an insulator.
  16. Well just ask the thousands of people who had their powder coated alternators fail prematurely. Chrome is even worse! It acts like a jacket on the metal keeping the heat in. Probably not that much, but just enough to send it over the designed heat tolerances.

    If you want your blower powder coated you're probably going to have to have it disassembled, coated and reassembled. No way the seals inside can handle 375* for 45 minutes.
  17. No it would definitely be taken apart to the seals are unaffected. I may just make a call to Vortech today...
  18. I already called them. The guy I talked to said that they can be powder coated but have to be disassembled in order to do it. Vortech actually does it for around $760. He did say that powder coat would not act as an insulator though.
  19. Boom. Nice work 94. $760 to be powder coated from Vortech!!! Holy crap, my guy will do it for less than half of that.
  20. Exactly! It's the same issue with getting sub par polishing from them at double or triple the price!

    Also I wouldn't put much faith in their claim that the coating won't act as an insulator. This is something brand new to them and only after years of operation can they actually make that claim. I know they have state of the art R&D labs but only time and use will tell us the whole story!