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  1. Hi,

    Well I am having a bit of trouble getting everything to work. It is a newly built 351C 4V with about ~20 miles on it. Here you can see my first test drive. This was on points an original dizzy. It didn't run great- but as you can see it got my down the road.

    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYhgaZorzc0&list=UUjw-UtEn88Kypr4TbgM8rEA

    Since this drive it has sat for quite a while. (10 months)

    I have replaced the old carb as it was full of jelly with a brand new Edelbrock 750CFM and also added an MSD Ready to Run distributer and a Blaster 2 SS coil. It wasn't running, so I put my points system back in- same thing. No go. So I put back in MSD setup.

    Not sure if it is getting good gas or not. Here is the crazy thing: It tries to run when the ignition is OFF. Not well, but it will sputter and spin up. I am pretty sure I have put nothing but premium gas in it.

    Any thoughts?
  2. The filter is probably plugged on the pickup tube inside the tank ,it may even be melted .This gas today will ruin plastic and rubber parts if it sets .Is gas getting to the carb?
  3. Great question. I will try to take a video of what is going on. It might be a week or so. This was kinda last ditch effort before paint. They are supposed to paint it on Saturday, and have it to me a week after that. I am a little shy to be messing with it right now while it's in final sanded primer.

    Thanks for your help, Horse Sence, you always are spot on.

  4. Be sure to drain the tank before you pull the sender unit or you will get a face full of gasoline .