Engine Engine Pushrod/ptv Order Of Instalation?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by fiveohlover, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. Putin a new 331 together and will need check push rod length and PTV. I not sure what to do because need to torque down heads to determine proper push rod length. Heres the problem, i cant check my PTV until i have my push rods installed. I dont really want to torque everything down and take it apart again. I didn't keep my old head gaskets. Will i have to buy another head gasket? Any ideas on how to do both and save time+money ?

    I know my PTV will probably be ok with the following combo, but i would like to check it just to make sure
    331 with probe srs flat tops
    comp xe 274hr cam
    afr 185 61cc
    fel pro 1011-1 0.41 compressed
  2. Welcome to the custom build world. You know the answer. To do it correctly you need to torque the head with the same brand/style gasket you are gonna run and waste a gasket. OR use a used gasket and check the clearance. If it is good you are good. If it is questionable you need to do the first step I mentioned. Some guys will say if the gasket was not heated you can reuse it after you torque it, some will say just snug it down a little with 4 bolts around the cylinder you are checking. Many ways. I like the ones I mentioned.
  3. how about test pushrod leangth without the head gasket and then just ad the headgasket thickness to the pushrod?
  4. You should of read more carfully above. I am not looking for a head gasket to actually use i am looking for a testing gasket for when i check PTV, and check for push rod length
  5. Believe @84Ttop is saying spend the $13 to completely torque it down right and then spend $$ on the gasket you will actually use, soooooo it will cost you $13 to check it. Considering f#$king this up CAN cost you WAY more than $13 ;)
  6. This exactly^^^!!!