Engine rebuild kit ok?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 88GTMustang, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. Thinking about rebuilding my 302 in my 88 GT and i was looking through summit today and checking out the rebuild kits.basically what i want to know is this a good kit, it is a SEALED POWER SPEED PRO FEL-PRO kit and i was going to get the Hypereutectic with an Compression of 9.08:1 for 269$$$ anyone use this?? good, bad what??
  2. Anybody????????
  3. I too am curious. My 302 is becoming a 306 as I type this, and was thinking of going with the more expensive $459 kit becasue of the forged pistons.

    If you plan on super-charging, or using NOS you may want to consider the forged kit.

    What cam are you going to use? Sre you still using speed density?
  4. I personally never used it, but just to let you know its like a stock rebuild. The only difference is the stock pistons are forged.
  5. I dont plan on on using NOS or a supercharger, I am going to use just the stock cam, Yes the car is still speed density. The only mods i plan on doing are CAI, Removing the A/C, Exhaust, 3.73's, and maybe pullies.

    That should be fine for my plans right???
  6. Its not the best kit out, but for just refreshing the motor in which you only plan to throw a few bolts ons onto, it should work just fine.