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  1. In March, I am going to drop the engine out of my Saleen for a rebuild, and need some technical assistance...
    I have removed plenty of old school engines out of Falcons and Mustangs but have not ever removed one from a later model. I have decided to drop the engine and transmission out the bottom with the K-member. It is because of the LTH. They are a pain, and I don't want to fool with them in the engine bay. I have the lifts and facilities at Randolph AFB to do the job. I understand everything about the drop except for two things.

    1. Do the struts come out with the K-Member? Do I loosen the bolts at the top of the strut tower and drop the struts out with the K-Member, or do I take the struts loose at the bottom and leave the struts attached to the strut tower? Or will I have to fool with them at all???

    2. When dropping the K-member, I am going to lift the car away from the engine and K-member. What can I rest the K-Member on? Someone told me to use 3 or 4 pallets under the K-member, and a jack stand on the back side transmission mount to support the back end of the module.

    What are your thoughts? Any help is appreciated.

    Dale in San Antonio
  2. you answer to number 1) you can do it either way. i like to leave them attached to the strut tower and unbolt them at the control arms. either way is fine though.

    your answer to number 2) use what you have and what is safe. i have seen pallets, tires, jack stands used. i have always used good sturdy 3 ton or more jack stands strategically placed around the k member and tranny.
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  3. Do I need to take the wheels off? Thank you for your reply.

  4. i usually do