Engine engine swap, need some info

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  1. I know this has been beat to death but some info i cant find. I just recently bought a 04 marquis motor for $400 with 60k on it. I plan on swapping it into my 96 which i have begun but noticed a few difference that im not sure about.

    I noticed that the new motor has 2 sensors in the valley, 1 right in the center and 1 on the right side(if you were looking at the motor) by the thermostat. What are they and what do i need to do with those?

    also i know i need to swap oil pans but what about pick up tubes?

    Other then that i know i need to swap my valve covers, intake plenum and throttle body,fuel rails and now my water pump and pullies.

    Is there anything else i need to swap over or need to keep in mind? If anyone could link me a good right up it would be appreciated as well, Thanks
  2. The senor in the center of the cylinder head is a Knock sensor. The Panther uses them, the Mustang does not. OK to remove.

    Likely the sensor near the T-stat is a Cylinder-head temperature sensor (CHT). If so, it's the same as the knock sensor. The Mustang uses an ECT sensor located on the coolant crossover.

    The oil pick up tubes are the same. But feel free to verify this for yourself. Measure the height from the oil pan skirt to the bottom of the pick up tube. They should be the same.

    How did you plan to solve the valley heater return line and the two intake coolant sensor problem?
  3. I've read that you can tap the coolant crossover since I have the metal one or remove a freeze plug in the side of the motor? What's up with the valley heater return line? I saw that it was a solid line instead of the rubber line on the mustang but they both go same place don't they? I haven't take to much of a look yet, just learning as I go, trying to learn stuff as Igo
  4. Well got the plug out of the side of the block and ready for a temp sensor to go in but confused on which i need. when i did the intake swap on my stang couple years ago i broke the pass side temp sensor,bought a new 1 and then my gauge never work from then on. Im assuming they may have gave me the wrong one. Which is the temp switch and the temp sender?

    Also whats different with the intake valley line? Just wanted to see if i had to change anything before i start bolting everything back up.