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  1. Hey what do you guys think im trying to build a street racer dd That is reliable, fuel efficient, and a street menace lsx/k20/ferrari killer. Should I swap the engine on my 90 fox for a termi or coyote or should I rebuild my windsor with forged parts and mod it and possibly turbo it? Which would be most economical? My long term final goal is to reach 10s
  2. tens is rather easy without going to a mod motor or a coyote. however you do need to start with a solid foundation, and the stock block, while it would work, wouldnt last long in the end. so if you plan to stay with a push rod motor, start with a heavy duty block, the latest boss 302 block from ford is what i would use.


    that said, fuel economy is relative at this point, as the reality is that building a ten second machine means you are not going to get 25mpg in daily driving.

    all that said, i would probably search up a dohc 4.6 with the teksid block from a mark viii and build that into what you want, probably with a vortech blower so i could get the advantages of a turbo, that is building boost much faster than a screw type or roots type blower, but without the issues of dealing with the super heated exhaust problems of the turbo.
  3. pick two out of the three

    fuel efficient
    street menace

    A 10 second car IMO is not a DD street driven one. I had a 85 with a 347 that did low 11's N/A. Would never think of driving it every day.
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  4. List your budget.
    Right now you look to be considering a bunch of different 15k builds.

    I'd consider you a dare devil if you daily drove a terminator swap. The first time it rained you would need a change of underwear.
  5. Another thing you can think about for your build is weight and suspension with the proper wheels and tires. Switching to a top line tubular suspension will go a long way. For street stomping I assume you are talking straight line acceleration. If you're going to build up the stock 302 don't worry about all forged internals. The block is the weakest link and will probably crack before the rotating assembly breaks. 302 is questionable around 500 hp.
    Have you looked into a 351w based engine? You can get a late model roller motor and build a stroker. With the proper heads,cam,induction,etc you can get close to 600 hp on pump gas. If you went aftermarket block build up to 460" small block capable of close to 700 hp and crap ton of torque. Or keep the stroke to a minimum and turbo it. A stock 351 block is capable of handling 7-800 hp and any Dart machinery block is over 1000.
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  6. I think you guys touched all bases here, was looking to add something to this convo but ...................
  7. Easiest cheapest way would be to build your windsor (302 or 351, stroked or not), but with an aftermarket block and forged internals. A s/c or t/c would allow you to be more fuel efficient and more street friendly than n/a for the same power. You are talking $10-15K, especially after you consider transmission, suspension, and rear end costs.