Engine Tap. 4.6, 3v

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  1. Hi everyone. I just bought on 05 GT with 114,000 on her and she has a slight but noticeable engine tap. I'm trying an oil/filter change, but i'm hoping its not going to be something very major. Any thoughts on what else to check?

    I'm also hearing a rattle when I accel into 1st gear while letting off clutch. Iv searched the forum for the first issue but didn't find anything. The second I'm going to try some "fixes" but am hoping that it is just a loose cross mount.

  2. Timing chain tensioner
    hydraulic lifter

  3. The tap could be lifter, chain or the VVT is stuck but that will usually give an MIL.

    Your clutch chatter could be any one of several things without more info. Could be a puck style clutch, could be a glazed clutch and/or flywheel, cracked flywheel, throw-out bearing. Heck, could even be the pilot bearing.

    Need more info.
  4. VVT's are usually the culprits on 3V engines
  5. Mine had a tick. It was the cam follower. I decided to keep driving it until the weekend, big mistake. The cam follower ate the cam, then ejected and knocked the valve retainer loose, which dropped the valve and bent it. So I had to have the head redone. I did the head replacement myself, but it still was expensive compared to parking it until I fixed it. So find the tick and fix it before driving if possible.