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  1. hi,
    i have a 2001 mustang v6
    i am driving this car for 6 month and just short distance but this weekend will be the first time that the stang is going on a 4hour trip.

    my question is. Is there any treatment i shoud do?
    i got the oil change 1 week ago but should i put some stp or something in my gas tank?
  2. pass on all that junk. Run some sea foam if its got alot of miles
  3. it has 115k miles
  4. you'll be fine
  5. ive driven most of my cars to Florida and back to northern PA just for a weekend trip :p
  6. ditto what madspeed said.... seafoam up the brake booster line straight into the throttle body.. let sit for 10 min... then crank and rev between 2-3k rpms for about 10 min... then take a spirited drive 10 minutes.. till the smoke clears... great for these cars....

    about the trip.. i just bought the 11 yr old v6 stang i'm driving... i drive it twice a month 3 hours one way.. check oil, trans fluid, coolant, and top off if needed... you might want to change your thermostat.... it's cheap insurance $4.. or so and takes about 15 min... always a good thing.. you don't want to get on the road in a car that doesn't cool right...also... check the tires.,, spare also...they tend to leak down after several months...i had a 02 gt 3 yrs,, headed out of town one day, had a fairly new tire "unravel"... i think it was a fuzion.. anyway.. i jacked the car up on a busy freeway.. pulled my half flat spare out and limped down the apron about 3 miles with flashers to get off the freeway... finally found a used mustang tire for $20 bucks and got on my way... my point is .. ANY TIME you drive out of town, you don't want to be breaking down.. the freeway's a lonesome place... and dangerous... mustangs are great, reliable, tough cars and will give years of service.. but remember this..., as i tell my kids "Be good to your car and your car will be good to you"....
  7. thx for the answer,
    what about v-power should i fill up my tank with it?
  8. are you talking about shell V-power??... if you want to run something good, get some non ethanol gas with the highest octane you can find... but still use the seafoam...