Engine Vibrations

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  1. Hey Everyone,
    New here to the forums, bought an 02 mustang a year ago and have always had an engine vibrations in higher gears at lower rpms. I have now replaced my coil, plugs and wires and the problem still persists.

    I reved the engine to around 1700-1800 rpms in neutral and am able to start the vibrations. However, I kept the idle very steady at 1800 or so rpms and can notice that the vibrations comes on and off. The vibration comes on for about 16 seconds and dulls out to no vibrations for 8 seconds and than again vibrations come on. The car will do just that for as long as the idles held around that range.

    Can this be from a crank position sensor or something else similar?
  2. as a side note, I have a 3.8l and I have taken it to the dealer. They said it was tires and sold me a set of four tires only to find out it wasnt the problem. They then said it was the transmission and needed to pay $2k for a used. I than drove down and showed them the car did it in neutral and park. The said they didnt know and gave me 50% off the tires and rotation.
  3. Make sure you don't have a broken motor or trans mount.
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  4. All mounts are solid. Just chaned the air and fuel filter but no chNge
  5. What are the condition of the spark plugs? Maybe you have a failing plug or wire.
  6. sounds like a vacum leak could be causeing it to vibrate