Engine Engine Wont Turn More Than 1/4 Of The Way By Hand

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by ThatBear, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Okay heres the set up. I bought a mustang with a cracked block. I wanted a project car. Well i am putting an explorer engine in it. I already have all the parts for it. When i bought the used engine it had 65,000 miles and i could turn it by hand. I bought a Trick flow stage 1 cam, i took the valve covers off along with the manifold, pushrods, rockers and rollers, and everythig needed to gain access to the cam. Pulled it out and slid the new one in. I have yet to reinstall the rest of the valvetrain because now if i try to turn the engine via the crank it only goes about 1/4 of the way both clockwise and counter. What could this be? The heads are still on the motor incase you need that info
  2. Is the timing chain installed? I had a similar problem when I built mine when I tried to turn it over with the cam installed but no timing chain.

    You might also try pulling the spark plugs if you haven't already. It makes turning the crank much easier.
  3. If you have a chain on it, make sure it's on right. Sounds like the pistons are hitting the valves.

  4. No timing chain installed. Spark plugs are out. Only thing on the motor is the oil pick up and pump, crank, rods n pistons, cam, and heads along with valves and valve springs. I just bought a fox body and will be parting.out the 94 this engine was meant for, but if i can find whats wrong with this engine i will most likely stroke it or build it slowly
  5. Could be wrong, but I think my crank was hitting one of the lobes on the cam when I tried to roll it over with no chain. Installed the timing chain and everything was back to normal.