Eninge Blew Up...will A 1989 Cougar 5.0 Block Work?

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  1. I have a 1990 mustang gt and I threw a rod. Hopefully the old cougar sitting in my niegbors front yard will work. Can anyone confirm that and what all will need to be done thanks!
  2. It sure will...But if its not a rollor motor (H.O.) then you'll be down some HP

    But that year should be roller.
  3. Depends on the year Cougar. Any 5.0L powered Cougar from '91-'93 got nearly the identical 5.0L HO the Mustang got (except the cam and intake manifold). There was no V8 option for the '89-'90 years and if it was an '88 or older, it'll be a Fox based Cougar, which was a non HO engine rated anywhere from 120-150hp. Not ideal at all.
  4. Lincoln Mark vii's had them 88-92 Or the Explorer 5.0
  5. Did you get it done and how did it go?
  6. I am running an explorer engine. swap the cam, dizzy, and oil pan. boom. done.
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  7. Don't forget the timing cover.
  8. true, there is also all the front accessories, flywheel, oil filter insert, and valve springs.
    Allin all though its still a pretty straght forward swap. Lots of times you can pick up the discarded short block for pennies after someone takes the top end off it.
  9. This is true. I picked up my running '96 Explorer engine for all of $300. By the time I stripped it and sold off the heads and intake and a few misc parts, I had made my money back, plus covered the cost of having the Explorer block machined for the 331 rotating assembly.

    Best bang for the buck engine replacement for those not planning to exceed 300fwhp IMO.